I often stand in amazement as I look at current trends, why? Well I am now at the age where we are doing a 'second time around' in fashion ie. it is the second time all these fun colors are in fashion in my little lifetime....

I must say that this time around I am really loving the fun and funky colours, and so I grabbed the opportunity to swatch and test this yellow from Revlon's Parfumerie Collection called ...

So here is what I thought ...

Fragrance - 
These are from the fragranced line of polishes called 'freshes' from Revlon and although they don't have a definite smell on application , as soon as they dry they smell far better than your average nail polish/ enamel.

Packaging - 
I love love love the little vintage bottles and yet I still find myself struggling with these little round lids and getting a decent grip. It would be nice if you could just slip the black cap off whilst applying the polish.

Texture/ Application - 
This colour streaked quite a lot and I found I needed to apply 4 coats of colour to get a smooth even application ( yes, I am a perfectionist after 22 yrs of painting nails). The many layers of polish resulted in a longer drying period which meant I got bored and frustrated ... I am not good at sitting still.

Efficacy - 
When I did eventually get it even and dry , the application lasted for 4 days before showing tip wear ( without a top coat). Please bear in mind that if you are wanting the fragrance of this polish to linger you cannot use a top coat, a top coat will seal the polish and the fragrance in.

Despite the frustrations , I love these polishes and yes I have already got another shade ....but that one is for another day.

Sunshine kisses
x x x  H

**This is not a sponsored post. The opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.