Recently  I decided that I wanted to focus far more on the lifestyle aspect of my blog , the reason being mainly that I was hiding in my comfort zone of 'beauty blogging' after 20 some years in beauty it is easy to stick to what you know.

So when I received an invite to attend  a media event at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice I nearly jumped for joy!. This event was a menu tasting at the Chefs Table, a veritable sneak peek into future menu items/ additions to the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice's already well acclaimed menu.
Protea Hotel Fire & Ice prides itself on offering top-class cuisine across the board .

On the day ...
We were welcomed onto the lovely terrace / pool deck area and spoilt with a glass of  Moët et Chandon. Accompanied by my friend and fellow blogger Fiona Rossiter, I was pleasantly surprised to 'bump into' another friend of mine Sarene Kloren of WomanOnline, and Karisa Nicholls of Cape Town My Love whom I had also met at prior events.
We were briefed by Johan the Hotel Manager with an overview of what the afternoon held in store for us and introduced to the Chefs.

Later we were ushered into the dining room where the tables had been beautifully laid out, an intimate dining experience despite accommodating about 12 of us. Each place setting had been laid out with the most amazing gift box, personalized menu's and place cards. All these personal touches added to the special ambiance, helping to build the excitement of this gastronomical event.
So first up was a sampling of the new starter offerings...

Mushroom Cloud - Roasted Portobello mushrooms soaked in hot balsamic rosemary jam , filled with creamy blue cheese reduction and biltong slivers ( this was one of my personal favourites)

Duck & Dive - Shanghai mixed spice Duck breast Carpaccio on a bed of rocket, grilled coconut mango and wasabi oil drops

Habanero Hooker - Hot line fish skewer coated in a crunchy crust, comes with a Bulgarian Apple shot

Crusty Crab - see below for more
You'll be happy to know that Protea Fire & Ice have kept their Gourmet Burgers recognizing  
'it is a winner, which creates a great deal of talkablity' - Nicholas Barrenblatt ( Protea Hotels Group Marketing Manager)

Diners at Protea  Fire & Ice can now create their own burger, choosing from a variety of new toppings. Including a new concept ... the option to choose a few small burgers with different toppings commonly know as 'sliders'

The Slider Selection Menu includes ....
- A boerewors burger with tomato smoor and mustard onion rings (see below)
- A lamb burger topped with Brie and bush berry glaze (see below)
- A line-fish burger with red curry butter and zesty sambal
- A roasted brown mushroom burger filled with a Greek peppadew pâté

'Personally I love that you can experience all the burgers in bite-sized portions ( a concept I first experienced in Boston USA)'
So if burgers aren't your 'thang' you'll be happy to know that Protea Fire & Ice have added some new delicious mains

Meaty and delicious .....
Just Pig Out - Mustard seed pork fillet stuffed with feta,smoked mozzarella and peppadew with sweet mashed potato (my personal favourite)
What's your Beef Bro? - Tender beef filet with a sweet Indonesian blaze and pumpkin fritter cakes ( very yum)
La la Lamb - French trimmed lamb cutlet with Parmesan crust and mint yoghurt ( this was my second best)

and for the vegetarians ..
A fruity baked brown lentil babotie with rich cape Malay spices

I had such an adventure and great company at this tasting. The food selection was amazing and left me feeling like I was bursting at the seams, but it did not end there .....

There is a selection of new decadent desserts to tease and tempt the taste buds too ...
The Godfather - a creation of infused Lindt , brandy and coffee mascarpone set in layers of tennis biscuit and cocoa( my favourite)
American Pie - a frangipani apple tart with deep fried ice cream coconut pancakes
Bro-Wow-Nie - cranberry and walnut dark chocolate brownie dripping in warm chocolate sauce ( a chocoholics dream)
Organ failure - a warm fondant filled with organic chocolate

Hmmm I can almost taste it whilst typing this ...

I had a truly fabulous time being hosted by the lovely Protea Fire & Ice  and I can honestly recommend all these fabulous new dishes. Proteas Fire & Ice Hotel deliver on a unique experience , fabulous food and all round value for money.

If I couldn't convince you then maybe these images of the food will twist your rubber arm *wink wink , nudge nudge*

Roasted sesame seed crab stick salad and deep fried calamari and sour pink onion dressing.

Duck leg roasted in a citrus soya glaze set on a tian of potato sarladaise and baby onions

Mustard seed pork fillet stuffed with feta,smoked mozzarella and peppadew with sweet mashed potato

A sweet frangipani apple tart with deep fried ice cream coconut pancakes.

We were spoilt rotten and it was an afternoon of absolute indulgence ...don't miss out!

Booking & Info here ....
CAPE TOWN FIRE & ICE (Protea Hotels)
New Church Street, Tamboerskloof,
Cape Town 8018
T: +27 (0) 21 488 2555

Bon Apetit
x x x H

**This is not a sponsored post I have not received compensation for this post and the opinions on the featured supplier/brand is my own.