Thanks to RAIN Africa I have discovered a new and hidden treasure up the West Coast of Cape Town called Platbos Forest.

RAIN have a fabulous range of Tree Mists that I have written about in the past (read here) which are made from unique plant essences that are derived from the ancient trees that grace the Platbos Forest (near Stanford).

So just what made this visit so special and unique ...
Even the Tree Top canopies exude love ...

The day was dedicated to exploring nature , being educated on the forest including it's unknown, and hidden treasures for both bloggers and RAIN's own shop staff.

However that is not where the journey began , not by a long shot ....
A group of us bloggers decided to pool together and travel in one car and this is where the journey truly began by roadtrippin buddies ...
Cupcake Mummy ,PinkerJen (Jen) & Pout Perfection (Fi)
So we set off bright and breezy and very chirpy , this soon waned as we realised just how far we were going despite stopping along the way for one pit-stop and a cuppa. It was shortly after this that the drama started as we approached the Platbos Forest on a rather treacherous road and unwittingly took onboard a stone which lodged firmly between the Cupcake mobile's brakes ... it sounded as though the wheel shaft was about to seize up and left us all rather tetchy and grimm faced.

We arrived and soon forgot about the drama as our day unfolded ....
We happily waltzed past the 'Pit Stop' as I dubbed it on the way into the camp ,'what is this you may ask?' why the long drop with complimentary saw dust of course (see above).
I did however love the hand basin in the middle of nowhere and amongst the trees was quite therapeutic really.

After settling in and some light refreshments we set off for a walk through the forest. On this lovely meander we were told of the unique survival techniques of the Platbos Forest which had resulted in the longevity of this foliage some 1000+ years.

We saw unfamiliar tree species such as Hard Pear , Milkwood , Saffronwood , Wild Peach and Hard Pear whilst learning about the unique fruit of some trees which attract the baboons , bush buck , birds and more. For a moment it got a little crazy when we were attacked by a swarm of bees (with a few casualties who were good sports).
This brought the tour to an early end ...but soon our spirits lifted  once again.
On return to the Forest Camp we were given a little insight into RAIN 'the Brand' and further info on the Tree Mists by Ronel of RAIN and Melissa of PLATBOS.

We were treated to a lovely picnic lunch, all served on recyclable crockery and cutlery...respecting our environment of course.

We finished of the day with some pampering love from RAIN done by the ladies from the various RAIN Stores (Pelma , you are the best) and then some rather fun lucky draws ... yes I did win a fabulous prize (shhhhhhhhh).
It was such a lovely day and I learnt so much about this unique forest, you too can learn more (read here), visit PLATBOS yourself and/or support this local NPO.

We had a good giggle when Cupcake Mummy did her bit for the planet and hugged a tree ....
Our journey concluded with further brake drama and an expelled stone ....sheesh!