Fragrance is what lingers after a woman has left the room , an invisible signature if you will defines personality and style it exudes an aura of what is yet to come..... (my definition)


I have a longstanding love for the original Kenzo Parfum d'ete (now considered Vintage *squirm*) whichhad had to change as time moved on progressing to Kenzo Flower in it's unique curved bottle ... both fragrances were fresh and exhilarating ...but now!

I have recently discovered the new generation of Kenzo fragrances and today I wish to share my thoughts on...

So here is what I thought ...

Fragrance - 
This is a fabulous blend of  'african orange flower and pink pepper; middle notes are incense, heliotrope and rose; base notes are musk, virginia cedar and vanille'. For me the most prominent was the African Orange Flower with it's full citrus fragrance which highlighted the pink pepper on me..... I am in love.

Packaging - 
As you can see above what is not to like? From the bottle which is reminiscent of 'my leaf of old' and pink
(a bonus point) to the gorgeous Butterfly embellished box ....beautiful! KENZO MADLY is beautiful.

Efficacy - 
I really do love this fragrance , it's not too sweet , fun and fresh and really makes me feel quite feminine. I love that it lingers all day and that you do not need to use much at all.

In my books this is a winner and definitely on my wishlist (sadly I only had a few samples).

'The fragrance feels like it transports you in a whimsical world of bubbling laughter , fields of flowers and soft cuddly puppies..... a sigh almost escapes your lips when you realize you are still in your reality...'

I also look forward to trying out the latest fragrance by KENZO called FLOWER IN THE AIR

When spraying a fragrance , make sure you spray a little on your hair it helps your fragrance last all day , especially if you perspire or wash your hands a lot.