I have been following Candice Bresler for sometime , musing at the wonderful adventures she gets at various restaurants and hotels (and maybe even dreaming it was me), none the less I love Candice's friendly style of writing and her awesome recipes so I thought why not get to know her a little better?....

Here is my Q& A Interview with Candice who has just recently re-branded herself from 'The Gorgeous Gourmet' to the new and funky 'A Gorgeous Life'..... enjoy!

How would you describe yourself?
I am a vanilla-obsessed eater, baker and cook-  an aspiring domestic goddess. I live in a beautiful little corner of Cape Town with my gorgeous husband and a balcony filled with home grown vegetables and herbs.

How would you describe your blog?
A Gorgeous Life is a celebration of food, travel and the joy of home.

You have recently given your blog a make-over what has inspired this bold move?
After blogging for almost four years, my blog has grown and developed more than I could have imagined or planned. What started out as a strictly food blog, started to confine the subjects I wanted to write about and share. It has now grown into one encompassing more lifestyle aspects. You can now expect to find recipes, restaurant and accommodation reviews, as well as beauty, health and home d├ęcor posts.

If you could spend 1 day with any chef in the world who would it be and why?
Ah, it changes constantly, but currently, a cup of tea and day in the kitchen with Nigel Slater would be wonderful. I love his style of cooking – simple ingredients, ‘bold’ dishes, with a twist.

Who do you see as your inspiration and why?
The team behind A Beautiful Mess – an American lifestyle blog that has been my favourite for a while. Amazing content and photographs, that has grown into a business. With a cook book and app behind their names, they’ve shown that a blog doesn’t end at the blog – there is always, always room for growth.

Which bloggers are your top 5?
A Beautiful Mess (US)
Brandslut (SA)
Matt Allison (SA)
Tails of a Mermaid (SA)
Farmette (IE)

If you could have a 1 minute dash in any store, which would you choose and why?
Only one store? So difficult. A toss up between Le Creuset and Woolworths. Naturally, Le Creuset for cast-iron cocottes to fill my kitchen and Woolworths to extend my winter wardrobe – hello, Studio W and Country Road.

What has been a top defining moment for you in blogging?
I think Masterchef Season 1 was a good moment – I made it through to the top 50, which helped me prove that I didn’t only write about food, I could actually cook too!

What advice would you give to other bloggers out there?
Ah, transparency and disclosure. I don’t particularly care if bloggers beg for ‘freebies’, but please – if you have received anything for free, or are being remunerated for a blog post / review – please be honest about it.

All it takes is a simple line at the end of the blog post. Both your readers and the company / restaurant involved will appreciate your honesty

Please share with us a short list of your ‘MUST HAVES’.  
A good camera – or knowledge of how to use one
Decent knives
A helping hand in the kitchen – my husband and my KitchenAid Mixer.

I just want to thank Candice for her time and sharing with us ....

and you can read more or connect with Candice as follows:
Website: www.agorgeouslife.co.za
Twitter : @gorgeousblog  

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