I was recently dragged down memory lane and totally by coincidence ...

I received a sample of the Esse Deep Moisturizer sometime back in one of my Rubybox's, and so when I ran out of moisturiser a few weeks back I quickly grabbed this little tube to fill a much needed gap in my routine.

To my amazement though I recognized the fragrance? (whilst mentally trying to figure out why, as I have never tried the product before?)

I did eventually figure out that it is indeed the Cape Chamomile I was smelling , an indigenous oil that is grown locally and harvested up in the Riebeeck Kasteel valley (more or less). Having worked with this oil previously it was no surprise that my nose singled it out rather quickly..


Here is what I thought...

Fragrance - 
Is soft and powdery ( but not in an old lady way), mainly due to the heavy notes of the Cape Chamomile. Did you know there are only two blue Chamomile's in the world? Due to this oils calming properties it explains the calming and soothing effect of this preparation.

Texture - 
Is a matte , lightweight moisturiser which penetrates quickly leaving the skin silky soft and hydrated. This cream is brownish in colour and a little goes a long way.

Packaging - 
As mentioned mine was in a mini- tube being a sample. However it is normally packaged in a brown pot to protect the integrity of the essential oils and tinted to protect the essential oils from exposure to the light. I love the classic and elegant branding it looks 'earthy' but sophisticated.

Efficacy - 
I honestly missed my days with Moya when I smelled this cream and I loved the way it felt on my skin. I had no reactions whatsoever and my skin felt super comfortable. I do feel that I might need to use a serum in winter with this moisturiser as it was not quite enough hydration for my nearly 40yr old skin.

Overall I would definitely buy this product, I love the smell, the texture and the natural properties of this cream and would gladly recommend it to anyone.
Retails for 349.95 ZAR

Esse products are available from ..

Rubybox - HERE
Allure Cosmetics - HERE

Hugs & Creamy Kisses
x x x H

**This is not a sponsored post. The opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.