Last night I had the privilege of attending a curated gallery showing of three local artists as well as unique wooden art pieces. The event was held in Woodstock in the Old Castle Union Breweries building.

On arrival we were welcomed with a lovely glass of  wine into a beautiful and cosy three story loft/ office cum gallery for the next week or so. The candles were lit and Cape Town's nightscape of soft glowing lights, did it's best to capture our breath through the full length windows.

The rough masonry and exposed brick added an edge of 'industrial meets urban chic' to the event. The ground floor was mainly a welcome area, just hinting as to what lay ahead .....

I loved the rustic and vintage furnishings (so very me), the soft lighting was amazing and very welcoming. At the bottom of the stairs were the first two paintings being exhibited by Braam Naude, a local South African artist from Johannesburg.

To me they hinted at the melancholic, but they are beautiful none the less.

Here are the other paintings featured by this talented artist Braam Naude, that I managed to capture on film..

Also showing and quite prominently featured were various wooden items varying from frames to mirrors , mists and all manner of bowls. I personally love the nesting bowls , the knitting needles and serving plates.
All of the wooden items are available from AD Schwartz (Conservation by Design)  and appear to be manufactured by the Mezimbite Forest Centre in Mozambique. For more information 
email: trees1@ telecast
Or visit
The wooden vessels on display are beautifully carved and extremely versatile in use.

Next up was another local artist from Cape Town known as Morne , his paintings were a little more whimsical of/by nature. Morne's showing comprised of floral arrangements , still life's and one or two landscapes. Here are the paintings of Morne's that I managed to capture .... so pretty ....

The event was hosted at the offices/ home of Helen Gibbs , Helen herself creates some rather unique embroidered art such as below. I found her work to be unusual, and yet I found myself strangely drawn to it. I love the loose hanging and crossed over threads which give Helen's work a raw and less refined look.

I believe Helen also operates in Cape Town under the name Helen Melon , here is some of her work below ....

For more info contact the artists directly:

Braam Naude -
Morne -

Much love & painted kisses
x x x H

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