Yes my darlings it is true, we do indeed need to get our beauty sleep. There is such a thing as good quality beauty sleep, without a good nights rest our face and skin soon show signs of sleep deprivation, premature ageing, congestion and puffiness.
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So just what exactly qualifies as good quality rest? And where can I buy it?

(No seriously now, where can I buy it?)

You see at night your body shuts down; however your skins metabolism kicks starts into action. Your skin starts to repair itself and go through a series of metabolic processes; this is the reason that night creams/preparations are often more concentrated, active on the skin and restorative by nature. Not to metion that these products can work on the surface of the skin undisturbed.

In order to get a good nights rest and stay youthful and radiant you need to make sure you adhere to the following guidelines ...
  • Get a minimum of 7- 8hours uninterrupted sleep (do not compromise here to accommodate your lifestyle, it will catch up with you)
  • Avoid rigorous exercise 3-4 hours prior to sleeping
  • Try and get your body conditioned into a routine. Try to sleep and wake up at around the same time everyday, your body clock will naturally adjust to this.
  • Try playing soft and soothing music when going to sleep, this will lull you into a comfortable sleep and aid in stilling the mind.
  • Avoid any light penetrating into the room; it is best to get lined curtains so as to have as dark a room as possible. If this is not possible get yourself a sleeping mask (made of soft material and elastic, slips over your head and gives complete darkness) 
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  • Do not eat anything after 8pm, eat early and do not go to bed on a full stomach.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine intake prior to sleeping.
  • Ensure that you have a bed that is comfortable, pillows that hug your head and gently raise your body.
 Then leave it all up to Mother Nature and her miracle metabolism...

So now that we have covered the requirements to get a good nights rest, what will the results be of a lack of sleep and/or sleep deprivation long term…
Lack of sleep however is not good and can have the following adverse effects on the skin ...

  • Increases the levels of stress hormones in the body
  • Results in a slower metabolic rate and can affect body weight
  • Often results in skin sensitivity and irritation due it's inability to protect itself.
So there you have it, less partying and more sleep makes you a more youthful and refreshed looking person.

It  has been proven that a lack of sleep results in saggy and tired looking skin.

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Sweet Dreams
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