QMS have just recently won a GALA SPA AWARD (2104) for their Ion Skin Equaliser Treatment at Brenner's Park & Spa Hotel in Baden-Baden Switzerland


Here is a little more info on the treatment and a quick squiz at these award winning products ....

Your skin undergoes a natural regeneration process while you sleep, which is partly why it’s so important to get those eight hours of shuteye in.

Now, Futurethis is introducing a unique new product that has been designed to boost this process, and give you that dreamily smooth and youthful sheen to your skin that you’ve always wanted.
Enter the Ion Skin Equalizer Night Serum and Cream, a powerful Anti-Ageing-Skincare Duo. Here’s how it works: For the first time in the history of cosmetic products, active ingredient molecules are transported into the deeper layers of the skin. It does this with the help of a micro current technology, rather than by the use of any technical device.
Using this innovative and cutting edge technology, which contains zinc and copper gluconates, the Serum generates an electric field when applied to the skin. The resulting micro current aligns the active ingredient molecules of the Ion Skin Equalizer Cream in a linear direction and then transfers them into the skin - without affecting the skin’s own protective barrier.

In addition, precious chronobiological energy sources from algae extracts, bio-peptides and plant extracts with their incredible energy boosting, moisturising and smoothing properties reach the deeper layers of the skin – leaving you with a fresher, more youthful appearance and reducing the signs of tiredness – all while you sleep!


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