As promised this week is going to have the two sets of weekly picks , you have seen my beauty picks earlier in the week and here is my pick for the home.

This truly is a personal dream list , I have come to realize how much I really love red. The funny thing is that for the last 38ish years I have really avoided red and over the last 2  years it has really started to feature in my home. 

This red palette is really a showcase of my dream kitchen. This collection includes all my dream machines, the only thing missing of course would be my Kitchen Aid mixer.

I hope you enjoy ...

So here is where you can find these magic items ...

Sugar Pot & Tea Cup with ants - The Cook Box
Bread Shaped Coasters - Utique Online Store
Batter Bowl - Le Creuset - Yuppie Chef
kitchen Equipment in Red from Yuppie Chef

I love these and I hope you enjoyed this cute collection.

Red hot kisses
x x x x H