Sometimes there are products that come across your path , they don't necessarily cost a fortune , they aren't necessarily the most therapeutic ...however there is just something about them that is irresistible!

Well that is me and the Good Stuff company , they make a variety of bath and body products in every possible variance you can imagine. 

My favourite? Is the Bee Natural range , it is supposedly a combination of Yoghurt and Honey. 
I can't say that I agree with the description of the scent but I can tell you that I am totally addicted.

Here's what I thought ....


Fragrance - Is a sweet , creamy and slightly honeyish scent , as I have mentioned before I can't quite say it smells like honey and yoghurt, but it sure is divine and it leaves your skin smelling good enough to eat.

Packaging -
Both products are packaged in handy and easy to use containers, with flip top caps. the Bee NAtural range comes packaged in yellow packaging with a description on the product which looks a lot like international brand Philosophy.

Texture -
Body wash - is not too liquid and not too creamy , lathers up well . I personally tend to buy the large pump bottle and I therefore tend to be super generous....just because I love it.
Hand cream - is a medium weight cream , it does not leave your skin overly greasy but hydrates and again leaves the familiar yummy fragrance lingering.

Efficacy -
Both products are great own their own or combined in a body routine , this range does however also come with the complimentary Hand Wash and Body Butter. You can in actual fact make this range a whole body experience ( for me , it might be a little too sweet the scent)

Overall I love the Good Stuff companies products and would highly recommend them as a 'pocket friendly' budget option.

The products are available from Pick n Pay and Dischem stores.
Retails between ZAR 15 - ZAR 80 (gift sets)