I have had the worst week in a long time , what with my geyser throwing it's toys , my car breaking down in peak hour traffic and a boss from hell ....cue the violins.....sniff sniff!

Tissue anyone?

So last night after a visit from a lovely friend, I really felt I needed just pull myself towards myself ...you know..

Yup folks and that is exactly what I did! I had (yes had) a fabulous little pouch just calling my name.
An exotic little number from the East ....let me introduce you to her.....
Recently at our #BWB get together we each received a lovely cocktail pouch from Original Cocktails , mine the Singapore Sling. What better occasion than to celebrate the end of a nasty week in style, especially when the pouch is chilled , ready and waiting.

A quick shake , snip, pour and soon I was sipping a fabulous chilled cocktail.......ahhhhhh!

So what did I think of this cocktail?

It was a fabulous sweet treat that just trickled down my throat, it is very yummy indeed.
I must however say that it is 'very sweet'.  I could quite honestly add a dash of still water to mine , or even sparkling water for a few bubbles.

The cocktail itself was bursting with flavor though, with distinct hints of orange and cherry ...yummy!

Serving Size
Is about 1 1/2 Wine Glasses ...hopelessly too small -  note to self buy a box *tee hee*

Is either a cute 2l carry pack(box) or these fabulous pouches as above.
Choose according to the occasion both are easy to pack and store.

I loved the fact that as a single person I could have a cocktail and enjoy the convenience of a small serving.

You can find these cocktails at your local Bottle Store /Liquor Shop in a variety of flavours such as Singapore Sling , Cosmopolitan , Mojito, Pina Colda , Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and for winter Original Cocktails make a fabulous Gluhwein (spicy yumminess)

For more info - www.originalcocktails.co.za

Hugs and Hic's

x x x x
** Product part of a sponsored Goodie Bag