In the past few months I have managed to acquire quite a few samples. I have decided to group these into the areas of the face or body for which they are manufactured for and give you some honest feedback.

This sample was such a generous size, it was almost a third of an actual pot of eye cream. The sample is presented in a foil sachet which you are recommended to pierce a hole with a pin and then squeeze out the required amount of eye cream ... Replacing the pin in the hole to prevent oxygen from breaking down and oxidizing the product.

I have to admit that this cream is my new eye addiction, and I saw the most amazing results on my crow feet , yes from a sample sachet. The cream is buttery to touch but penetrates immediately, leaving your skin around the eye area smooth , soft and hydrated.

I would recommend this product to anyone  and will definitely be using it in the future ( it's on my wish list ya'll ...hint hint)

This product was sampled in a foil sample, it is possibly the smallest amount I have ever seen for the eye area .. I managed to get two applications out of the sachet. The product left my skin hydrated and soothed. The product has a definite botanical fragrance to it of herbs and flowers ... Very pleasant.

Yves Rocher are an age old favourite of mine dating back more that 20 years , I enjoyed the sample, however it was not a standout product for me.

This sample is presented in a little silver grey tub , with sufficient to really decide whether or not you enjoy this product.
I have to be honest and tell you that I  did not enjoy the texture of this product , the consistency and or the fragrance.
It does however have a unique feature it has an SPF which is great for sports women and outdoors ladies.

This product was my least favourite of all the samples.

This was more a trial size than a sample ....supplied in a normal mini tube. With this being a serum I often found myself squishing the tube too hard ,the product gushing out and in turn wasting precious product.

As the name suggests this is a serum which softens and smoothes the skin which it does , it also has a very calming effect on the skin. The fragrance hints at lavender and has an instant cooling and calming effect on the skin , however I personally would need to use another eye product which is more nourishing in addition to this serum. The trial size does go along way and gave me a week and a half's use.

This product is my number two on today's smackdown. If you have irritated and sensitive eyes this one is definitely the product for you.

So that is the first sample smackdown , I hope it helps and the best advice I can give ...never be afraid of trying before you buy ... Just don't make it a lifestyle. You will soon earn the honour of being called a ' Sample Queen' at the retail outlets by the consultants (ask me I know from my days on counter).

x x x H