I know this is not your usual run of the mill post , yet every now and then I really feel I need to share some of my great finds and some of my frustrations.

In this instance it was the frustration and quest to find a toothpaste that not only cleans the teeth well , but also leaves you with fresh minty breath.

Here are some of the brands that I have tried and tested recently based on the suggestions of friends and family.

Let's review them .....

Aquafresh Lemon Mint - 

Okay so the catch phrase for this one is 'healthy gums , strong teeth and fresh breath'

The packaging is cute with the lemon and mint cascade across the lower end of the tube , this appealed to my love for packaging. 
The tooth paste itself consists of an orangey yellow , a minty green and a white stripe ... the signature of an Aquafresh toothpaste.
That is where the fun ended , I didn't feel or see that this toothpaste cleaned my teeth really well ( one day I actually doubted that I had brushed my teeth). 
As for fresh breath , well the mintyness is not strong enough to leave even a slight whiff of mint on your breath.

Overall I was  very disappointed in this toothpaste and will not buy it again , as in ever!

Colgate Active Salt - NEW PRODUCT!

The catch phrase on this one is ' AntiGerm, healthy teeth and gums'

The packaging is the  usual bright and eye catching Colgate brand with the graphics showing a swirl of salt, very appealing. 
The toothpaste itself looks like ...well toothpaste (tee hee) , no frills or fanciness more functional.
I found the texture to be finer than I had expected with the salt , the taste is not overly salty at all ( not sure how much sugar would be in this paste then?).
The toothpaste was super effective in cleaning the teeth , but with a medium effectiveness in achieving fresh breath ...still not minty enough for me.

Overall I was happy with the cleaning efficacy and could even settle for this toothpaste, yes I would buy this one again.

Aquafresh High Definition White in Tingling Mint - 
The catch phrase on this one ...'up to 3x whitening for an illuminating effect'

The packaging of this toothpaste is a silver tube ( a high end look for a higher price point)... with a look I like to call 'midnight and moonshine bubbles' yep just because of the picture on the tube.
The product itself has the typical tri-colour stripes you would expect from Aquafresh in mint green , blue and white.
The minty smell is out of this world , however it is still only a medium strength breath freshener. 
After using this tube I definitely saw a slight improvement in the colour of my teeth.

Overall , would I use this again? 
Yes definitely I enjoyed it even though it was still not minty enough for me ....starting to think it's me and not the toothpaste ( oooops!)

Mentadent P Protection - 
The catch phrase ...'long lasting protection against plaque'

The packaging of this tube is a silver 'foil' look with the most awesome metallic pinky/purple (yes I am a girly girl). It would look fabulous next to a pink toothbrush.

The toothpaste is an old fashioned pink colour and has a great minty smell. I did not enjoy the foaming action of this toothpaste or the insufficient cleaning action on my teeth.
I did not enjoy the aftertaste either , again it was not minty enough and left hardly a trace of mintyness.

Overall.. I never even finished this toothpaste, I gave it away. I personally did not enjoy it at all , so no I will not be buying this toothpaste again.

I have come to realize that I am rather pedantic about a minty taste in my mouth , I don't suffer with bad breath and or eat very aromatic foods so my expectations are not that great really.

Let me know what is your favourite toothpaste and/or if you have any toothpaste woes....

x x x  H