It is such a treat when I get asked to review a new product that is being launched ...especially when it's a medical grade therapeutic range ....a  cosmeceutical.

Personally I am paranoid about two areas on my face when it comes to aging , the lip & surrounds and the eye area.
It is hereditary in my family to age rather significantly in those two areas, and so I tend to be drawn toward these target areas type of product.

You can imagine my pure glee at getting to try this product....


QMS is a skin care brand imported from Germany, and the brain child of Dr Eric Schulte.Med.
The extensive range of products are designed and developed to work on the deeper layers of the skin.

So here is what I thought ....

Texture -
This is an opaque and super light textured liquid gel. It applies in a super soft and silky veil over the skin and lips. It absorbs completely and leaves no visible residue on the skin. I love it!

Fragrance & Flavour -
There is none! SUPER , nothing puts me off a product more than the taste and smell of cream in my mouth. This product is non-invasive  and fabulous.

Packaging -
The Lip Line Corrector comes packaged in a airless pump in the signature white , chrome and turquoise of QMS , exactly what you would expect of a high end salon/medical brand. My only gripe would be that the allocated pump dispenses double the quantity of product that I require. If I was paying for this product I am not sure how I would feel about this?

Efficacy -
I have been using this product for 2 weeks now, apply it both in the morning and evening under my day and night creams. I have really been blown away by the results of this product , it has plumped up my fine lines right out of existence , my deeper lines have softened but not completely gone ( let's be realistic it took 40yrs to develop them after all). My lips themselves are plump soft and smooth. Initially I got a few pimples in the corners of my mouth , which I would attribute to the active product on areas that were not used to it.


I have somehow picked up my mom's habit of puckering my lips when angry or concentrating , which frustrates me no end. This product has helped to take at least 10 yrs off of my lines around my mouth , I want to test it on mom too but I am struggling to part with it ...sigh!
This product is a definite winner if you are concerned about lip lines and aging around the mouth area.

Retails at ZAR R1800.00
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