I love hand products , whether it be a hand cream , hand butter  or a hand serum ...I will and do use them all.

About 4 years ago I owned a bath and body shop and I started to make hand made soaps ... they were awesome, but the down side is ...since working with the lye to make soaps I have suffered the most unbelievable dry, cracked and rough index fingers.

It was therefore with great anticipation that I tackled this product, and with even greater expectation that I waited to see what the outcome would be.

So today I will be reviewing the Oh So Heavenly Morrocan Argan Oil Perfect Touch Hand Serum ...

Here's what I thought ......

Fragrance -
This hand serum has the most amazing fragrance , it hints at rose with creamy undertones. It is a definite feminine , sensual and super addictive fragrance.

Texture -
It is a solid white cream (not a traditional liquid serum) , it applies super smoothly and leaves a matte finish behind.

Packaging -
It comes in a cute little 50ml pump which makes it user friendly , small enough to slip in your handbag . It's packaging is slightly transparent which allows you to see the level of your product at all times.

Efficacy -
This serum leaves you skin feeling soft and smelling uber sensual , however I did  not find the hydration or acclaimed Argan oils to be enough to effectively alleviate dryness and/or discomfort. I would definitely use this more as a pamper product for the convenience and smell.

Overall the product did not overly wow me, I did however enjoy the fragrance and concept. For me It is a budget friendly beauty winner.

Would I buy this product again?
Yes , but as a booster for under hand cream.

Hugs and Royal Waves
x x x H
*this product was sponsored and formed part of a Goodie Bag