Over the weekend I happened to be running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off
(excuse the pun , apologies lady Barcellos) with mumsy in tow... (too cute for words)
and we ran into something new.....

After running around I promised to take her out for some Nando's Chicken Livers in the new Spicy Tomato flavour ( new to us anyway). Lucky for us Nando's recently opened what I thought was just the usual old take-away and sit down outlet in Parklands.(Nando's relocated the old Table View Store)

Opting to go inside and sit on a soft seat as mumsy was 'kaput' from all the running around, we enetered into what we thought was Nando's ???? ...but it is Nando's!!

Yep , Nando's is busy launching a new generation look and feel to all new stores and I was super impressed!!
Nando's have chosen an all africa theme, and have kept the decor to what I would call 'rustic, contemporary africa'. Colourful pillars wrapped in leather, in a rather pleasant  multi-coloured ombre look. Soft plush bankette areasor alternatively tables and chairs if thats what you prefer.

Calabash Light Fixtures, and the most gorgeous lampshades made from green leather in the design of 'Delicious Monster Leaves' ...can I have 2 of these to go please?
...they are absolutely gorgeous.

Featuring African art on all their wall, fabulous new cardboard menu's has made this a truly cultural , art and african inspired theme everywhere you look. I loved that the banquettes were made with African inspired textiles. The unmistakeable feature wall of peach pips set in resin and varnished, big enough to be bragging with a gorgeous African work of art.

The cubicles were comfortable, soft and padded. Offering an intimate setting in which to dine.
Did I mention I love the leaf lamp shades ...gorgeous.

When dining in house at the tables , your food gets served to you by waitrons.The food is served on lovely white crockery, with proper cutlery and the famous Nando's sauces. It is fresh and hot to boot.
Mumsy and I met Annelie who is the store manager at this outlet and has been for more than 20 years. Annelie was super friendly, and eager to explain that her restaurant was the first of the new concept stores to open. She later shared there is now another store in Ottery and that all future stores will launch with the new look of Nando's.

What a lovely experience , so much so that I forgot to take a pic of the food ....oh well. You'll just have to go try it yourself!


Hugs and fluffy cuddles
x x x H