Ever wondered why you get lines around your lips? Even when you don't smoke? 

Well it is simple really we develop lines over a period of time due to repetitive facial expressions such as pouting and puckering of the lips.

These are often involuntary actions which are a direct result of habit and virtually inevitable really. The lines around the mouth are particularly noticeable these days due to the variety of coloured and textured lipsticks and lip-glosses that ladies wear.

So what is the answer you may ask?
 QMS have just recently launched a brand new product known as the LIP LINE CORRECTOR

QMS had the following to share ...

'The Lip Line Corrector is a remarkably effective lightweight serum that has been exclusively formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the upper lip area. Using advanced technology and leveraging cutting edge research, the product is based on the amazing, synergistic effect of 4-fold Hyaluronic acid, Wakame seaweed extract and Phytosterols.
Scientific studies show a reduction of 35.53% in the wrinkle depth after 12 weeks!'

Lip Line Corrector has a smoothing effect on the skins surface, and will provide you with instantly noticeable results. Continued use will plump and rejuvenate the skin.

Ask you therapist about The Lip Zone Concentrated Treatment in Salon/Spa.

The Lip Line Corrector is now available at spa's nationwide or alternatively visit...

Why not just treat yourself to a youthful smile?