In order for us to delve deeper into the idea that ‘flirting may be good for your skin’ we first need to explore just what exactly is flirting ?
What exactly do the professionals (anthropologists) consider flirting to be?
Flirting is a practice described as follows …

'In order to bond or express sexual interest, people flirt' says anthropologist Kate Moss. She goes on to explain that she has managed to differentiate this practice into  two kinds of flirting ...
- Flirting for fun
- Flirting with intent
( source: Wikipedia )

Flirting for fun
Is usually harmless and often done for self gratification; you know that little increase in heart rate, a flush to the cheeks and casual laugh/giggle. There is no other intention behind this harmless flirting other than the rush it induces.

Flirting with intent
This type of flirting is done with the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex and/or expecting a response in return. This type of flirting may result in an exchanging of numbers and/or a relationship and even sexual relations.

So why do we flirt?
Flirting indicates interest in another person and the pursuit of a deeper more meaningful relationship. Some flirt for amusement and/or to inflate their ego, this often causes problems in relationships. Ensure you set clearly defined boundaries in you relationship at all times especially if you have met someone through flirting.

What are common ways that we as humans flirt?  
Facial expressions -
Often it could include a wink , a seductive smile and /or gazing into the eyes of the other person with either a seductive or mischievous smile.

Lip Service -
The licking of lips, pouting or your gaze fixing on the other persons lips… lingering there just a little longer than normal. This move is considered to be super sensual, almost as if the person is weighing up in their mind what a kiss from the other person would be like?

Body Talk -
The unconscious touching of your face and lips, considered to be a hint as to the sensual person you are. Playing with your hair and and tilting your head whilst looking at the other person, often with a cute innocent glance or running of your teeth over your lips.

All of the above are ways that we use our body to flirt when looking for a potential mate.

So just how does this impact my skin?

Let's look at the biological response to flirting ...
You meet someone , and you are interested :
- your heart rate increases
- your pupils dilate
- your hands become clammy and damp
- you chat and laugh a little
- your mouth goes dry

Now let's look at what's happening to the bodies systems :

- your blood pressure raises slightly , resulting in more blood  being pumped through the body, more oxygen and more nutrients
- your pupils dilate = heightened senses , resulting in  pheromones being released and endocrine glands stimulated. These hormones have a natural anti-aging effect on the skin.
- perspiration results in a moist skin surface, resulting in added sebum secretions ( endocrines), sebum protects the skin from dehydration and balances the natural pH of the skin.
- laughs and giggles will result in a relaxing of the muscles and a natural stress release.

The result and conclusion being, if you have added blood flow and nutrition to the skin and body, along with extra beneficial oils being released it can only benefit your skin in revitalizing and assisting in preventing  aging the skin and body for that matter. The added hormones will give you skin a youthful boost, whilst the relaxed muscles will ensure less lines and wrinkles.

A little flirting with that someone special in your life looks like it could certainly be beneficial.