Yesterday  I had the pleasure of attending a media launch of a new revolutionary pet food called IDEAL BALANCE .

What exactly makes this food different from all the rest you may be asking?

It is a first for Hill's in the 'natural food' arena. Research has shown that in the area of pet food the average shopper is now looking for meat, no by products or organ meats and in general the consumers consider whole grains , fruit and veg as a vital part of a balanced diet.
In other words 83% of people are concerned about the nutritional value of their own food and 79% are just as concerned about the nutritional value of their pets food.

On that note it is important to not that IDEAL BALANCE does not contain  corn , wheat or soy and also boasts  the fact that they are free artificial colours , flavors and preservatives.
IDEAL BALANCE has a full range of products for both cats and dogs , which caters to all ages and requirements and includes  kibbless/pellets , soft canned food and a new range of cruchy treats for both cats and dogs.

I was privileged enough to receive a bag of IDEAL BALANCE for my two kitty children. At first my cats were not impressed with the new food in their bowls , however when they realized there was no other food forthcoming they soon ate the food in their plates.

** Update - My kitties are loving this food now, and my eldest cat Mischka has never been more energetic!

The little tin of food that I received was gobbled down by my pretties in a matter of seconds ... A definite winner ( it looks like a home cooked meal good enough to eat).

I have had them on Hills Mature Diet for cats and have found that on day two that they are adjusting to the new food and they are drinking more water. I have noticed they are far more playful too. Being mainly indoor cats,I do feel I should mention that the kitty box has been a pleasure  which is a definite bonus.

Thought for the day:

(they can't choose what to eat) - Kathy Gross

Thank you Hills Pet SA for a fabulous event and another great quality pet food.

For more info visit your local Veterinarian orVet Shop or alternatively contact Hills on the following :

Much love , sniffles and snorts
x x x H