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Celebrity personalities have been trying to slow down the signs of aging for many years now , the more mature actors/ actresses are trying to keep up with their younger counterparts, and looking rather expressionless for their efforts.

There is however a new genre of mature celebs that is embracing their age, and instead of trying to turn back the clock with invasive treatments they are rather making the most of what they have, and looking after it...

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The result ... A youthful and more radiant celeb, which is aging gracefully and wowing his/her fans.

So if these celebs are not using invasive means of keeping the skin and complexion youthful, what are they using?

The answer is Cold Laser Therapy....
Cold Laser therapy is a treatment is developed around the concept that by introducing low-level light therapy to the skin, the therapist induces a biological reaction to the light. This reaction is purported to stimulate the cells and over time offer a regenerative effect which is accumulative.

Benefits of using Cold Laser Therapy ...
- Protects the skin against damage from pollution
- Strengthens the skins natural immune system
- Eliminates redness and irritation, greatly helps with Rosacea, Acne and Eczema
- Improves superficial redness and high colour from blood vessels
- Improves tone and texture of the skin
- Improves overall appearance and well being of the skin

* This treatment has the added benefit of, no known side effects. 

The following of this particular treatment lists like a who’s who of Hollywood, supported by the likes of Kate Blanchett, Sharon Stone ,Sting, Christy Turlington, Anna Wintour and Kate Winslet  to name but a few.

The Cold Laser's success is evident through a group of Skin Spa's aptly named FREEZE originating in Toronto Canada. FREEZE have grown so popular they have now launched in New York and LA making the Cold Laser Therapy treatment the centerpiece of their treatment offering.

The Freeze Cold Laser treatment incorporates specialized serums, micro lifting, as well as oxygen therapy thereby maximizing the anti aging benefits of this renowned ‘all in one’ treatment.

So there you have it, if you are trend follower this is one of the the latest trends in anti aging skin care treatments.