Today I am once again featuring a stunning guest post and tutorial by the lovely Thea from Madness Nails, here is the look you can achieve today with Thea's help. Over to Thea ...

Hi beautiful Femme lovelies! 

I am so stoked to be back again with another tutorial. I love it when Heather asks me to do some nail art for her because I know she is going to have something new and exciting up her sleeve and it’s just going to inspire me to try and do my best!

Today’s tutorial is pretty straight forward and is not going to be very long so let’s get right into it, shall we!

Combined Dotty Striped Mani

Tools used:
-  Striping Tape
-  Dotting Tool (Various sizes, one of them being a large one)

Nail Polishes Used:
Orange: OPI In My Back Pocket
Red: OPI A Oui Bit Of Red
Yellow: Tip Top Nail Chic Sun Kissed
Blue: China Glaze Sky High-Top
White: Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Black: WOW Cosmetics 39


1.  Start by laying down a protective base coat of your choice. When this is dry, lay down 2 coats of the white polish.

2.  When this is properly dry, lay down a few evenly spaced pieces of striping tape over the nail.  

TIP: Pre-cut your pieces of tape before you start the mani and stick them on your skin first to get off some of the extra stickiness. Also use a small tweezer to lay them down. This will make controlling the striping tape a lot easier.

3.  Lay down a thick coat of black nail polish over the striping tape and pull off the pieces of tape.  

TIP: Add the black coat and pull off the tape immediately before you go on to the next nail. This will make a more crisp line.

4.  Using various sizes of dotting tools, make random dots with the orange, red, blue and yellow nail polish. If the polish you used doesn’t make the dot opaque the first time, just go back with the same colour.

5.  When everything is nice and dry, finish it off by adding a layer of top coat to even out any bumps.

And Bob’s your uncle! This really is a super simple and super easy mani and you can vary the colours if it’s too bright for your liking. Striping tape can be bought at most nail art supply stores or those cute little Oriental shops and it is usually dirt cheap!

Thank you Heather and readers, for letting me into the Femme Lifestyle space again. This is like my other home and I know I’ll always be welcome here! Now, where is that Femme Lifestyle fridge so I can raid it and really settle myself in!

Lots of love,



A huge big thanks again to Thea for this awesome tutorial, I know and trust you enjoyed it and are feeling a little challenged.

x x x H