Design Indaba is a South African showcase of artistic talent in all spheres and media.

You will find anything from eclectic and eccentric pieces of art to practical and pretty pieces in ceramic. You can watch the latest fashion talent featuring their collections  in the main arena , or you can simply just wonder around checking out all the stands with their fabulous wares.

I personally love to see the handcrafted items , the social uplift meant projects and the latest trends incorporating graphic design. Here is a brief overview of the talent that caught my eye and where you can either purchase these or inquire further regarding these fabulous items ....

If you are from South Africa you will understand how iconic these Jam Biscuits and Zoo Biscuits are. What a cute idea these having been made into cushions . The detail on the cushions going as far as clear PVC covering the jam section to give it a realistic sheen ..... so clever.

I also fell in love with the cushions fashioned after an old R1.00 coin as featured above. For more of the 'local is lekker' type goods check out WORLD OF WONDER , , Email:

In between the stands their were showcase display stands , I just loved the modern meets historical cum bling in the area featured above. Beautiful shiny , multifaceted chandeliers hung from the ceiling  whilst an armchair was decked out in unusual wool and mohair creations including the cattle skeleton. My eyes of course could not be torn away from this usual but rather exquisite leather handbag, created by ... FLAGSHIP (distinctive leather handbags individually crafted) or 

Again I just loved the random showcases such as this African themed 'Africa is Tradition' showcase, see below featuring unique chairs , fabulous and fun Vellies (phonetically:- fell - lees) or 'Veldskoene" by Brother Vellies , I love the black and white vellies as designed by Abrima Erwiah and a rather interesting backpack/bag all traditional but with a twist ...definitely different.

If fine ceramics are your thing , you will love this rather unique creations in ceramic. This half egg shaped bowls  come in a deep and shallow version.. They are available in the natural/neutral option or else the most pretty pastel hues. They can be used to serve sauces or as dessert dishes , as condiment holders , for starters and the list is endless. I would personally love a few of these for my home. You can find more info on these here ... DIANA CERAMICS ,  

Are you into the more unique and creative ceramics , we'll try one of these wonderful creations with fun and whimsical creatures as the focus point. I absolutely loved the two bunnies as featured below. 
You can find these and many other fun designs by Cath Price at XOOLOGEE ,  or Email:

I just fell in love with these multicolored creations , partly because of how colorful and cute they are , partly because they are part of an uplifment project ... But mainly because of the lovely ladies who make the dolls and who we're manning the stand. They were so friendly and super fascinated by my IPad and the pictures it took of their toys (highlighting how spoilt many if us have become)
If you do nothing else , please support these lovely ladies ....
For more info contact MARGARETE WOERMAN CERAMICS and HEARTWORKS stitching club. Email:

The Pause Room an old favourite of mine was right under my nose and I didn't realize it ...why? Well because usually I love to spoil myself with their bath and body treats, however today they had their ceramics on display and how beautiful are they? I am just dying for the blue heart cup with cake saucer (it comes in a set of two for R260.00) You can  find THE PAUSE ROOM here

Now quirky is my thing , I have a truly quirky way of mixing vintage , unusual and contemporary items all together and they somehow just fit.. you can only imagine the gleeful squeal that came out of my mouth when I saw these two men or should I say lampshades ...I love love love them ...sigh soon I will have to spoil myself. You can find these at TAMARILLO CERAMIC & DESIGN , Email:

So are you exhausted yet?

 Isn't it amazing how rich our country is with it's own unique and diverse talent. Here is a collaboration between two companies ..EVOLUTION & CORAL STEVENS to produce a wonderful range of fabrics and soft furnishings all with heritage prints dating back as far as CIRCA1600 - 1800. I must be honest and tell you I stumbled across these gorgeous products because I spotted a Cushion with a jelly fish , I went up to the lady and 'ooohed' and 'aaaahed' about her gorgeous jellyfish .....urm's a heritage cactus with the roots showing *epic fail* on my part ...just walk away Heather ...just walk away!

I loved this print of Flamingo's (yes, they are flamingo's okay) , you can contact EVOLUTION on  or Email:

 I love a little controversy every now and then so I decided to throw these images of some fun ceramic sculptures. The first of Adam and Eve and the second I assume is a take on someones impression of a 'sexy housewife' ... tee hee. Either way if you enjoy a little fun and humour such as me you can find these at ...

And lastly I want to share the cutest paper artwork cutout and handmade jewellery in the finest and prettiest vintage designs. There are made by TRINKET, you can contact them on or Email: .

I fell in love with their earrings and would kill for a pair , any if you are like me and you love online stores like Hello Pretty and Utique, you will love this brand ...gorgeous!

So there you have ladies , a long and rather exhausting Design Indaba 2014, I am so glad I went and I would encourage you to make a turn next year. Tickets are R80 (I know it's a little steep) consider it your investment into our local talent.

x x x H