Lip products for me consist more of glosses and lip stains, as opposed to actual lipstick. So when I got gifted a fabulous lip gloss by Crabtree & Evelyn you can only imagine the squeal of pure glee that left my lips ...

So just exactly which lip product did I get?
Crabtree & Evelyn's - Red Sparkle Shimmer Lip Gloss ...

So here is what I thought ....

Texture -
I found that this gloss had a smooth yet slightly grainy texture , which is not uncommon when there are sparkly bits in a gloss. It spreads well over the lips without being to sticky and/or too oily. It felt great on my lips and my hair didn't stick on the gloss ... A definite bonus.

Fragrance -
The fragrance is all Eucalytus or Peppermint which I am sure is the fixative in this gloss. It is a pleasant smell and quite strong for some it might be overpowering.

Packaging -
Is the most beautiful transparent tube , embellished with a gorgeous gold design printed in a delicate and feminine design. Ver classy and a lip gloss I would be proud to whip out and apply in the ladies room.

Efficacy -
This is a fabulous lip gloss however it is definitely not a lip treatment as the peppermint can be quite drying. It has a great colour deposit which is long lasting and has a gentle sparkly which picks up the light.

I have enjoyed using this lip gloss especially in the evening it is a high end product which makes it a real treat .

Would I buy this product again?
I'm not to sure to be quite honest , I would rather try one of their Lip Butters.

Hugs and kisses
 x x x H