South Africans can be rather conservative when it comes to technology ..and I am not talking about the Social Media freaks (like me) but rather the general public.

There are new apps emerging on the market everyday ... little gifts that make your life so much easier ...

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I recently came across a new App called GO BEAUTY ,it is really in it's early stages of being launched and  has the potential to allow those of us who have hectic schedules to be able to book last minute beauty appointments.

As with all things new it is currently rather limited ...with your support we can help up the ante a little.

If you have an Android phone or tablet please download this App and have a look at the practical features it has to offer , maybe even spoil yourself and blame it on me (tee hee)....


For more info you can contact as follows:

Tatjana Mihajlov-Pilbeam
Go Beauty – Cape Town
082 334-6006
021 300-2350