Make up brings tears to all of our eyes every now and then, especially when it comes to removing waterproof  and/or stubborn make-up.

There is no need for tears any more ... Yves Rocher have launched a new range called Pur Bleuet and within this rage are two lovely formulations which a re Parabens free.

Today I am going to be discussing the bi phase express eye make up remover .....

So here is what I thought about this pretty and rather attractive looking eye make up remover....

Fragrance - 
There was no clearly definable fragrance to speak of which is appropraite considering this little gem is formulated for sensitive eyes.

Texture -
This product has a definite oiliness too it without a doubt , but it is not irritating to the eyes and does not clog the pores. I enjoyed using this product especially on those occasions that I had to touch up and reapply my make up , you know the 'caking it on' factor.
Remember you do need to wash your face after any eye make up removers ... no shortcuts peeps!

Packaging - 
Is a transparent bottle with understated but elegant branding on it, showing off the magnificent beautiful blue Cornflower Water and the oil phase when separated (make sure you shake things up before using it , I love to see the oil 'bubbles' it forms).

Efficacy -
The Cornflower water helps make this super soothing and cooling , the oil phase helps to remove even the most stubborn of make up without burning and or irritating your eyes. It is safe for use by contact wearers.
If you have eyelash implants/extensions I would be weary of using this due to the oil phase.

Overall I enjoyed this product , it is super value for money at R85 for 125ml

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** Product is part of a sponsored Goodie Bag