Valentines is always such a challenging time for all.

Either you are single and it equals #singlesawarenessday or you're married and the novelty has long worn off or you don't believe in the gimmicky day as promoted by the retail industry or lastly you are a hopeless romantic, that eagerly embraces the opportunity to dress up in red and pink whilst acting remarkably like the foolish Cherub named 'CUPID'.

No matter how you choose to celebrate or not , this is my take on Valentines Day. It should be about love , celebrating all that you have to be thankful for, all the wonderful people in your life and those who aren't in your life just yet who maybe just need a hug and an encouraging word or two.

My Valentines Day was made by my Doctors office , yes you heard right!

I went to pick up a script at the doctors rooms , on my way I found a corner area decorated for Valentines Day ( (out of eyesight and out of the traffic), on the table was a fish bowl filled with vials for pills (the flip top kind), each had a cute red ribbon around it and a paper inside....which at this point I assumed was a message.
The mouse-pad is my own
It piqued my curiosity but I walked on ...and then I walked back. I promptly snatched up one of this little bottles (head swiveling to see if anyone was watching) thinking really? What have you got to loose? I practically marched to the car double time with my treasure in hand. I couldn't wait ...I popped the cap , pulled and the message and was blown away by the lovely verse (here see for yourself)

This little message is a cute anonymous and thoughtful gesture which made my Valentines Day. 
I thank the Lord there are people out there just spreading some love no strings attached.


Thank you TABLE VIEW MEDICROSS , you guys rock!!

x x x H