We recently had the first of hopefully many #CapetownBloggersMeet-ings , it was a huge success and we had many spoils that we have had the opportunity to test and review.

Today I want to share with you my review of the Storyderm Stem Cell Silk Mask.

These masks come packaged as individual sachets for home use and there is a variety of four different silk masks which you can choose from.

- Stem Cell Silk Mask
- Vitamin Silk Mask
- EGF Silk Mask
- Collagen Mask

Here you can see an example:

Here's what I thought .....

Fragrance - 
This mask didn't have a very significant fragrance at all , this made it great to use and non - invasive considering it needs to applied and left on for up to 20mins.

Texture - 
This is a silk mask and therefore comes in a pre-cut ' material like' shape to fit the face , it takes a bit of juggling to apply due to the fact that it is drenched in fabulous ingredients for the skin. It applies easily to the skin and is not unpleasant , I must however share that I am slightly claustrophobic and found 20minutes too long for me ( I just got antsy and eventually removed after 15mins).

Packaging - 
It comes in a fabulous silver sachet , which makes it great to travel with , gives you the convenience of one application and you can dispose. I found some gel was left behind in the sachet and so I applied this as a serum after removing the mask and let it soak in.

Efficacy - 
I really enjoyed how moist and hydrated my skin felt after this mask. It had a definite cooling effect on the skin with an added benefit of calming and evening out my skin tone ( I naturally have high colour).

This product contains a unique blend of ingredients such as  Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract , Snail Secretion and plant stem cells from rice (oryza sativa) know as Callus Culture Extract. These ingredients are reputed to create a moisture layer that minimizes the loss of hydration in your skin. It increases skin elasticity and thus slows down premature aging.

I enjoyed using this mask and I should imagine it would even be fabulous to put in the fridge on a hot day and apply it as a coll mask. I will definitely be trying a few of the other masks.

x x x H