I started blogging almost a year ago now and the adventure has been the most amazing journey. From reconnecting with the beauty industry, which I love ( and have slaved in for 20yrs this year) to learning a whole new skill set ...... Yep Social Media and blogging.

It has been through this journey that I have come to enjoy online shopping, for the sheer ease and convenience, also for receiving wonderful packages (not to mention the childlike glee it induces in me).

Having recently received a fabulous NOMU Voucher I was just dying to see what treats I could order online. For those of you who don't know NOMU ... You have no idea what you have been missing !

Check NOMU's online store HERE

So back to the voucher , I was browsing the NOMU site a few days before Valentines Day looking for a
'to me, from me' type gift ...sad but alas Cupid has still not managed to snag me as yet. I came across an awesome Kit called 'The Breakfast in Bed' kit on special at fabulous price for Valentines Day.

I managed to place my order in no time at all. After a few minutes Stamatia at NOMU had confirmed my order including that it would be dispatched the very next day. So you can only imagine that I could hardly believe my eyes when the couriers pulled into my work early on day 3... and Et Voila!

My Breakfast in bed kit had arrived. What killed me was having to wait until I got home to open it ...absolute torture!

Here is my treasure ...
What amazed me even more is the personlised care and detail that goes into the packaging, this included a fabulous recipe card (yes they sell recipe card boxes for these little gems) and a sample sachet of their multipurpose rub called 'One for All Rub' ...
The added and extra special touch , a handwritten note ...*swoon* ( I thinks it's online shopping love)
Do yourself a favor, try one of their fabulous rubs or the brand new baking kits ( here is a review by my friend Sasha over at Porcelain Rouge) Watch this space as I bring you reviews on my fabulous kit, as and when I get to try the products along the way.


Hugs and Chocolate Kisses
x x x H

** Gift Voucher was sponsored