Dermalogica's fabulous new time savers in the form of PreCleanse Wipes.
Recently I referred to the practice of double cleansing in my article on 'Smoking and the effects on the skin' , however this is not common practice for most people but why not?. This idea or practice is only recommended by a select few skin care brands, however the benefits for your skin are great. Firstly it allows you to dissolve the sebum(oil) on the skin and secondly it really does eliminate far more dirt, dead skin and pollution just sitting on the surface of the face.

Previously a double cleanse was always done using a Balm/Cream/ Milky or Oil cleanser firstly and then followed by a rinse off cleanser however Dermalogica's new PreCleanse Wipes offer you the convenience of a soft , gentle wipe that you can use as your first cleanse followed by your regular cleanser. Now you can have a squeacky clean skin free of oil , debris , make up with one easy swipe.

There are no harsh astringents , just a great source of gentle ingredients such as skin softening Aloe, Apricot Oil , conditioning Rice Bran and Vitamin E.

The wipes come in a travel friendly pack of 20 , with a resealable tab (quite heavy duty , not flimsy like others on the market)

Texture ....
These wipes are super soft with an oily residue that aids in cleansing and removing dirt , waterproof make up and environmental residues such as pollution.

Fragrance ...
Is a soft , yet fresh fragrance which is very pleasant both to the nose and on the skin.

Packaging ...
It is packaged in the usual neat and practical Dermalogica style. A grey plastic pouch with sticky pull tab. I struggled to open the product initially and had to use some 'brute force' this resulted in additional momentum and so the pull tab went further than it is meant to. I'm not sure if it is because of the super durable plastic/sticky material that has been used.

Personally I think it would be great to have the plastic frame with pull tabs , you know the kind you find on baby bum wipe products.

Efficacy ...
Fantastic , even better I don't have to concentrate when I come home late at night. I just whip out a wipe , slap it on my face and all my make up is gone , rinse with my face wash and my skin is fresh as a daisy again.

I loved this product and I would highly recommend it , for more info visit ...
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RETAILS : R250.00

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