I just about burst an artery last week when I saw that Crabtree & Evelyn were having a 70% OFF Sale!! I started to run in circles.... mumbling to myself ...but I'm working! ... what can I do? ....who do I know? ...Hayley! Hayley! YES , Hayley!!

You see a friend on mine works at the V & A Waterfront, and by now you have guessed her name is Hayley. I was on the phone in a flash and sms'ing like someone possessed , asking her please to get me a Hand Cream ...you see I am just slightly (yeah right!) addicted to their divine hand creams.

Guess what she said ....YES! ...Eeeeek!!

At last I managed to calm down a little, that is until Hayley sms'ed to say she got me the Iris Hand Cream ..is that okay?
....really? Hell Yeah!
I was actually over the moon as firstly Hayley insisted on gifting me the hand cream (she actually growled in an sms when I tried to argue) and secondly I have never tried the Iris hand cream before.

Here is what I thought ....

Texture -
The texture is a deliciously thick ,rich, creamy and not greasy. This lovely hand treatment penetrates your skin immediately soothing and comforting dry areas such as the cuticles. It really is the equivalent in my books, to a glove of protection protecting you from the elements.

Fragrance -
As I mentioned the fragrance of this hand therapy is IRIS. My mind immediately panicked as I thought it would be powdery and flowery. This is definitely not the case at all, it is in actual fact a rather soft feminine fragrance, with floral undertones which are quite fresh and watery (if that makes sense).

Packaging -
Well I just love, love , love their metal hand cream tubes (so I guess I am biased). However the cap can be a bit fiddly if you are not used to them. I love that they are Vintage/Victorian in appearance and extremely convenient to just pop right into your hand bag with minimal fuss.

Efficacy -
I have always found Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Creams/Therapy to be a great product. My personal experience has been great, I found that even after washing my hands I can still feel the comfort and hydration from applying the product. To me and my therapist brain, this is a great indicator that Crabtree & Evelyn's Hand Therapy is indeed a treatment, which penetrates the skin and does not just sit on the surface.

I would highly recommend any of the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapies you can't go wrong. My personal favorites are the India Hicks and the Himalayan Blue.

 x x x H