At our recent #BloggersWhoBless breakfast we all received a bottle of this unique Skin Care Oil known worldwide ..yes I am talking about Huile Prodigieuse which belongs the the brand NUXE.

I have often seen this little glass bottle of treasure on beauty blogs, and truly coveted them from a distance. The glee could not be contained when I received these for gifts in the goodie bags. This golden treasures roots are firmly based in the city of love ...yep you guessed it PARIS France.

The hard to pronounce name Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – translated is – the “prodigious oil” and what does that mean?
The Dictionary description is as such ...
pro-di-gious: adj. extraordinary, marvelous, wonderful, exceptional.

So what did I think of this Multi-Purpose Oil for the Hair , Body & Face ...

Fragrance - 
This oil is like a veritable bouquet of flowers , with floral notes that permeate the senses and linger on the skin long after application. I kept imagining the essence of beautiful violets being applied to my skin, because quite honestly thats what it smells like to me. The fragrance is floral , soft and definitely multifaceted.
Those who do not enjoy sweet or floral scents this is not for you.

Texture - 
It is a superfine dry oil that disappears into the skin on application, it is important to stress here, that less is more. It leaves the skin with a soft iridescent sheen, comfortable and soft.

Packaging -
This product comes in a glass bottle due to the fact that it contains many plant oils and essences which cannot be packaged in plastic. I am always a little skittish when it comes to a screw on cap and a glass bottle but thats just me (clumsy).

Efficacy - 
I have been using this product for a few days now (at night) and I can see what all the fuss is about. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and hydrated , soft and does not clog your pores at all. I have been rubbing the residue left on my hands into my super curly colour treated hair .. the result is soft locks with a sheen ( I am not sure about a full application and might try it as a treatment because my hair is very fine and gets oily quickly). I love the texture of my skin and I am enjoying the treatment oil , being a therapist this type of product is always tops for me.

What you might not know is that Huile Prodigieuse is made up of  30% precious plant oils and 98.1% of the ingredients in this oil are of natural origin.

I love this oil I can see why is is revered and reputedly 1 is sold every 6 seconds. Don't miss out , spoil yourself today you won't be sorry. Did I mention that they have Limited Editions from time to time such as this ...
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