I am so blessed to have made many new friends in the blogging world and I am really blessed to be able to called Michelle from Ordinary Misfit a friend. 
Michelle will be doing Bi-monthly Nail Tutorials on my blog this year so watch this space to see her beautiful designs ...

This month the inspiration for Michelle's Nail Tutorial is a beautiful fun and rather whimsical Valentines Design.

Up Up and Away .... and over to Michelle

Hi lovelies,  

When Heather asked me to do this tutorial and share my nail art my immediate thought was panic!  After that, I was blown away by the honor.  So firstly, thank you so much Heather for having me. 

This is my first tutorial as well so I can only promise it will get better ;)
When I saw the image Heather selected as inspiration I was so excited.  It is cute and valentine-esque but a little different from the usual.  I hope you like what I came up with and even more, I hope you give it a try.  It is really quite easy. 

The polishes I used:
Blue:  Sinful Colors – Sugar Rush
Pink (hearts):  Sinful Colors – Cotton Candy
Pink (clouds):  Sinful Colors – Star Fish
Red:  Sinful Colors – Ruby Ruby
White:  Sinful Colors – Snow me white
Grey: Essence – As long as you love me
Base coat
Top coat (or matte topcoat if you prefer)
Tools I used:
Dotting tools in different sizes (If you don’t have dotting tools you can use many other things:  a damp ear bud, a hair pin, the back of a pencil, a pen cap, a toothpick)
Thin brush:  you can also use a striper brush, an old eyeliner brush or cut a normal brush thinner.  

I started off with a base coat and 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Sugar Rush.  When that is a dry, use a medium dotting tool and pink polish (I used Sinful Colors – Star Fish) and make the little cloud shapes by overlapping your dots.  Leave that to dry for a little bit.  (If you do all your nails then it should be safe to carry on by the time you’re done)  Then use the same dotting tool and white polish (I used Sinful Colors – Snow me white) and make the same cloud pattern over the pink but leave a little of the pink edge sticking out. 

Then I used a small dotting tool and made the pink and red little hearts.  I clearly need a little more practice because they aren’t perfect ;)  You do this by making a dot with your dotting tool and then dragging slightly at an angle and down, then you make another dot next to the original one and drag downwards at an angle again to join the other side.  The key is not to press down too hard onto the nail.  The polish from the dot should be all that you drag down. 

On my index finger I chose to make little clouds at the tip of my nail.  This gives the impression that the big heart is floating above the clouds.  I made the big heart the same way I made the little ones but with a bigger dotting tool.  Make one dot and drag the polish downwards at an angle.  Then make another dot next to the original one (not touching, leave a little smidgen of space between them) and drag down at an angle to join the other side.  I then also used my small dotting tool and little bit of white polish to make the ‘highlight’ on the side of the heart.  I then used my thin brush and grey polish to draw in the string.  I drew it at an angle to create the impression of it blowing in the breeze.

Then I did some cleanup and added topcoat.  I have 2 versions here.  I top-coated first and even though I love shiny nails, I decided to add matte topcoat.  I think it gave the whole look a little edge.  What do you think?

Thank you so much for having me here and I really hope you give these a try.  Thank you Heather for sharing your space with me.  I hope you all have a lovely valentines day filled with love.

Till next time…

** I just want to thank Michelle for an awesome tutorial , she is truly talented. x H