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Most of you would not be aware that I am actually very well traveled , I have a passion for people and cultures that was kickstarted by a four year long sojourn working on the cruise ships overseas.

It has been the most amazing journey, having seen so much of the world (when not working like a dog).
 I explored as much of the cultures , towns and cities as I could and thus returned home with rather empty pockets. Do I regret this ...he'll no!
Do I miss the cruise ships? No.
Do I miss the travel? More than you could ever know.

I started out my journey as a humble beauty therapist and was soon promoted to a manager , no not the Cappuccino and Mont Blanc Manager who sat on her laurels all day , but rather a working manager (doing therapy) whilst overseeing a team of 12 ......madness I know.

My travels have covered the world far and wide and whilst I am far from seeing everything, I have seen a rather large chunk of our planet.

This is the start of a new series of post which will be titled ....... Globetrotting Diaries .

So sit back and relax whilst I share some interesting finds , funny memories and great places I have been.

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Coming up .......PORTOFINO ITALY