How did you product line originate?
I became conscious of the ingredients in products I was using when my son was really small. I wanted to move over to natural products on the body and in our home but found at that time the only locally produced ranges on the market were pricey. I wanted to be able to use, and introduce to others, quality natural products that weren’t overpriced.

How would you describe your product range? 
Our Essential Collection Skincare range – I would describe it  as an affordable sophisticated botanical range using some of the nicest extracts for the skin including baobab, rooibos, cucumber & sutherlandia. The carrier oils we favour in this range are avocado, soybean, evening primrose and baobab.
Teen range – this is an incredibly successful range and is a very proudly South African one J we use all South African extract and essential oils and the results are amazing. Helps to combat acne forming bacteria without leaving the skin dried out or oily.
RR range – our baby/kids range is our newest line. We have the only natural milk wash on the SA market and this is really perfect for newborns and babies with a dry or sensitive skin. Our range is very lightly scented of chamomile as to not overwhelm a baby’s senses.

If you could visit any country to source a new raw ingredient where would you choose and why?   
I have honestly never thought of this question. We are so lucky here in SA with an abundance of amazing raw ingredients!

If you could share one piece of advice with all the women out there wanting to start their own businesses, what would it be? 
Persevere! And grow your business organically. Don’t overextend yourself from the start but rather build your product line up as and when the business can afford to do so.

Who do you see as your icon and why? 
Hmmm, a hard one. I look up to my mother & grandmother for the incredible women and mothers that they are. I admire women who are passionate about what they do and how they live and I have many of these very women in my life! They inspire me and their encouragement and support means the world to me

What has been a top defining moment for you in launching Naturals Beauty? 
Our Re-branding and subsequent acceptance as a supplier for the Wellness Warehouse has been a defining moment as it has certainly raised the recognition of our brand.

How has Social Media impacted the growth of your business?
I’ve been quite slow to the SM upsurge & there is much work to still be done in this department. At the moment I still manage a lot of the business myself and I find the time needed for keeping on top of SM is often lacking!!

Which bloggers inspire you? 
I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs. Beauty bloggers I enjoy are Chereen Strydom (@the_beauty_girl); Glam green girl, Smudged Beauty & you(Femme Lifestyle)!
Mommy bloggers I enjoy are;

Please share with us a short list of your ‘BEAUTY ESSENTIALS’ from Naturals Beauty.  
My ‘must have’  products are: EC gel cleanser, EC face mist, EC night cream, Ylang ylang bergamot body crème, white sugar scrub, sweet orange wrinkle banisher