Today saw the launch of a dream of mine , a community of bloggers who choose to encourage and inspire one another. Let's face it , it can be pretty cut throat 'out there' in the blogger verse, especially in the case of South Africa, where it seems that the use of bloggers for marketing has not yet taken flight. The result ? An overly competitive ambiance in social media.

I personally have been on social media platforms and blogging for just under a year now ...yes I am a 'newbie' however it is as a result of this learning process that I discovered the nastiness  in social media , which in turn birthed a desire for unity and community for bloggers from all genres.

Biding my time , I closely watched , interacted and built relationship ( in some cases lack thereof , despite many attempts). It has been through these interactions alone that I got to meet new friends and filter out who I would be proud to be associated with . People whom I could see we're friendly and kind no matter what their personal/blog status , following , endorsements and/or lack thereof.

Today I got to see these fabulous ladies bring a vision and dream to fruition , no longer just a whispered word but rather a full blown and loving reality.

From the planning phase, to the words of encouragement shared on Twitter, to finally our launch day the ladies have embraced the idea. It stirred my heart today to see ladies really sharing and making themselves vulnerable today when filling out their buddy cards. It was honestly soul searching info ... And as I said to them 'someone cannot encourage you if you are not honest , vulnerable and prepared to share'. I was amazed to see how quickly the bonds were formed today and friendships forged , trust me there was not a single pause in conversation.

We hosted the event at Bread Cafe and Boulangerie at The Bromwell in Woodstock , the food was great and the service fantastic. I would personally like to thank, Ivan and the staff who served us ( incl. Simbongile who made my booking originally).

I am super excited as I have started the planning phase with a partner in JHB to launch a network up in Gauteng and I am trusting for a KZN network later in the year this space.

The ladies were all sponsored with fabulous goodie bags, and I know that you will see many reviews in the weeks to come.

#BWB #BloggersWhoBless ........ What a blessing indeed!
 x x x H