Hair is an unwanted imposter in a world of clean and carefree sunshine days. Yes we all want those beautiful summer days, however we could quite happily skip the bikini line and underarm drill.

Today we are going to be looking at the different bikini line waxes , I will explain a little more about the direction the wax needs to be pulled in certain areas and why? Lastly I will cover the 'what not to do's' and some handy hints for those of you whom wax.

So just what are my options for bikini waxing?

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Firstly let me explain that in all of the above the hair will be removed from the top of the pubic area if necessary, albeit it only a little. In all of the above the hair will be removed in the folds between the pubic area and the leg (sides) ...yes even in the basic bikini wax ...we are looking for well groomed , NOT wild and wooley!

Basic Bikini -
Is pretty much a short back and sides kinda wax, to neaten and tidy the area. This is the most conservative wax and also the option preferred by those with a very low pain threshold.

Californian Bikini -
Is the more liberal sister of the basic bikini , there is considerably less hair , the hair is also trimmed and shaped into a traditional triangle.

Brazilian -
This is what I like to call the little 'Hitler' , a small little landing strip of hair which is trimmed , all areas outside of this are waxed as clean as a babies bottom , including the labia or lips of the pubic area and the bottom or buttocks.

Hollywood -
Oh yes sirreeee this is the 'full monty' say goodbye ladies ... this is a complete and clean wax of the pubic area once again including the labia and the buttocks.
** Warning - this is addictive and of course the guys love it!

So what direction do the therapists normally wax?

This is very much dependent on the direction of your hair growth and also on the type of wax being used. The following is therefore just a guideline ...

Underarms - These are often waxed with Hot Wax ( the one which sets) and is applied in the hairs direction and removed, one strip against the hair growth and one strip with the hair growth. Your therapist may use Cold Wax/Strip Wax (looks like honey , removed with a piece of textile) to tidy the area. For finer hair only Cold/Strip Wax will be used as above.

Bikini - Again this area is often waxed with Hot Wax , it is applied with the hair growth and removed against the hair growth. The exception being areas where the hair grows in tow directions such as the labia and buttocks , once again Cold Wax may be used to tidy the stragglers and finer hairs.

Legs - More often than not Cold Wax is used solely on the legs and is applied with the hair growth and removed against the hair growth , the exception being the knee area where the hair growth tends to be multi-directional.

What not to do when you wax?

- Avoid exercising for 12hours after waxing , this allows the skin to calm and avoids skin irritation caused by friction and perspiration
- Avoid wearing black clothes , this tends to stick to the tiny patches of wax that may be left behind on the skin
- Avoid highly perfumed body and shower products as your skin will be sensitized and may experience a stinging sensation
- Avoid Sauna's the heat will irritate the skin
- Avoid the sun for at least 24hrs to prevent the skin from getting sunburnt and sensitive , this has also attributed to the skin being pigmented due to a lack of protection.

Handy Tips when waxing - 

- In order to remove all traces of wax , especially cold wax ... rub your entire body(generously) with baby oil, this will dissolve the wax which is oil soluble
- Always ensure you or your therapist check the temperature of the wax on your hand/arm prior to applying it to the area being waxed. This prevents unnecessary burns and blisters.
- After waxing the underarms and bikini apply talc powder , this prevents chaffing and absorbs perspiration.
- If you are bruised whilst being waxed ( looks like a hiccy/lovebite) apply arnica oil (you can buy at the pharmacy) to help the bruise heal faster (it thins the blood).

I sure hope you found the above helpful , feel free to comment if you have any other questions ...after nearly 20 years of waxing ladies I hope that I could be of assistance :)

 x x x H