We love to indulge a little every now and then, and let's face it there is nothing that spells comfort food quite like 'chocolate' does. 
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Once we have conquered the guilt that creeps up on us, secretly whispering taunts such as.... 'once on the lips , twice on the hips' we then wake up to the realization that chocolate causes pimples...or does it?

A little history ...
The ground beans of Cocoa or Theobroma cacao can be traced back as far as the 1900BC where it was used to make beverages. Cocoa beans were also used to pay taxes and to honor the god's by the Mayan and Aztec tribes. Cocoa beans were believed to have a medicinal value; however before you rush out to get your dose this use does still need to be validated by hard evidence and thus remains here-say.

John Cadbury of British descent was the man to revolutionize the Cocoa bean. Cadbury managed to devise an emulsification process that allowed him to turn the Cocoa bean extract into a solid and the solid bar form of chocolate as we know it today.

Okay so that is how it all started and now well ... we all enjoy partaking of a few delectable treats (barring those who avoid chocolate), especially when the hormones kick in. Does this affect our skin in anyway?

The good news is that chocolate does actually have health benefits and is quite good for you , the bad news though is that it has to be a minimum of 70% Cocoa ( there go the Ferrero Rocher's...sigh). Cocoa in actual fact contains an ingredient called flavanoids which prevent the blood platelets from being too sticky and forming clots which in turn are responsible for causing strokes , heart attacks and more.

Dark chocolate is also a great stress buster thanks to Cocoa's ability to reduce the stress hormones, which I personally think is aided by the 'comfort factor' of eating chocolate.

Dark Chocolate contains natural anti-oxidants which help protect your skin from the sun and in turn help prevent premature aging.

So chocolate (the 70% and up) is in actual fact ...
- Protects against blood clotting and thus heart disease
- Natural Anti-oxidant

But does it affect our skin?...
There is NO proven link between chocolate and pimples or even acne on the skin at all. What you do need to bare in mind is that when we consume chocolate ( less than 70% Cocoa), we are also consuming copious amounts of fat and sugar.

When we eat loads of sugar it induces a response of inflammation in the body known as glycation. This response in turn can affect both the appearance and tone of the skin.

'Glycation refers to the process that occurs when sugar of any type is digested and releases glucose into your bloodstream. The sugar then attaches itself to collagen, the protein fiber that keeps skin smooth, firm and elastic. When collagen is weighed down by glucose, it becomes rigid and inflexible. This means your skin is more likely to sag and develop wrinkles – two things no woman wants'
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I think the natural conclusion is thus avoid snacking on large volumes of chocolate , however a little spoil once in a while of some good 70% Cocoa chocolate won't do any harm (Yay! I can still nibble on a little Lindt)

1569, Pope Pius V, who does not like chocolate, declares that drinking chocolate on Friday does not break the fast.