Everything slows down as we age , the collagen production (read more here) , the oil production , the skin cell production and the result? ...saggy and crepey skin with wrinkles.

Eternally on the quest for youth, cosmetics companies are continuously searching for that magic cocktail that can take you from a prune to a plump and firm plum in the snap of your fingers. Filorga is no exception, making use of cutting edge technologies and ingredients, in order to achieve maximum results in a minimum space of time.

Filorga's latest innovation .... SKIN STRUCTURE.....

#Review - Skin Structure by Filorga

This product contains the Filorga NCTF cocktail of ingredients as well as Hyaluronic Acid to plump up the skin. It also contains VOLUFORM  a facial volume boosting ingredient to replace and restore sponginess in those areas that have become hollowed out. To firm the product contains COLLAXYL and DYNALIFT , to boost the skins natural collagen levels and increase the firmness.

Fragrance -
This product has the usual Filorga fragrance from the complex that is present in all of their products , it is a fresh scent and soon becomes comforting and familiar.

Texture -
Is a white creamy fluid that is silky in texture , smoothes over the skin easily and is quickly absorbed. This product does however need either a day or night cream over it.

Packaging -
Skin Structure is presented is a frosted glass bottle with a dropper due to all the active ingredients , it is easy to use and attractive in appearance.

Efficacy -
The reports as carried out in research of the product shows an overwhelming 88% of women felt their skin was firmer (test group aged 35 - 60yrs , after 8 days of recommended application).
For me I can feel a difference, but even more so I have inherited the typical British jowls and have seen quite a difference in lifting this area along with plumping out of lines on my neck and chest area.

I am enjoying this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone from age 38yrs and upwards to plump , firm and lift those facial contours.

SKIN STRUCTURE launches in February 2014
Available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores
Retails at R785.00 (30ml)

It's worth the spoil!

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** This product was sponsored