It's no secret that I am actually a winter person , however I do love a few things about Summer such as ...
The lovely walks on the beach until 8pm at night , the tropical and water fruits and the endless showers to stay cool accompanied by fabulous shower products.

My latest acquisition a fruity, summery and fresh body wash ....


Picture it ... a gorgeous sunset on a Hawaiian beach , as a cool breeze blows... with wafts of fruit and fresh salty air. Th ocean mist gently dampens your face ....

Yep that's what it feels like (well , to me anyway)

Texture - 
This is a clear shower gel , no colorant = fabulous!! It is a medium viscosity , however I do find I have to squeeze and I mean squeeze to get it out the bottle.

Fragrance - 
Is a fabulous fruity and summery smell which envelopes you in a soft, fresh feminine scent for an hour or two. I must say I really am enjoying this fragrance, and I have surprised myself ...  I am generally not a fruity kinda gal.

Packaging - 
The usual transparent plastic bottle with a flip-top cap. Please note though that the opening for this product is too small for the viscosity of the product and makes it a little frustrating.

Efficacy - 
It is a super soft shower gel that leaves the skin clean and refreshed. I love that it has no colorant and lives up to the usual green , Eco-friendly and fair trade standard of The Body Shop.

I will definitely buy this product again.

x x x H