Now I have to be honest and tell you that I tried Dove hair products when they first launched and ...well I wasn't really impressed back then, resulting in no further Dove Hair Care purchases.

However I recently won a competition in which I received a hamper of Dove goodies from Chereen of 'For the beauy of it' , included in this hamper was the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner ...

In light of the above, the opportunity presented itself to once again try the Dove hair products , I was intrigued with the Intensive Repair as I am naturally blonde , I also highlight and colour my hair and to top it off I have curly hair = very dry hair with a tendency to frizz when not moisturized ...... this all leads to great expectations from Dove's shampoo and conditioner.

#Review - Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Fragrance - 
I tend to find all Dove's products (barring the cucumber body range) smell very similar , not unpleasant but nothing I would write home about either.

Texture -
Shampoo is a great consistency and a translucent pearl colour , a little goes a long way and it leaves the hair feeling fabulously soft and clean. I always wash twice however it is not necessary with this shampoo.

Conditioner has a rather thick , white and what appears to be waxy texture, don't be fooled though. It is fabulously creamy and smoothes the hairs cuticles beautifully.

Efficacy -
I found both products live up to their promise and fulfill their function in repairing and restructuring the hair. I do feel in order to achieve the best result you need to make use of both of these products. I also feel that this product might be too heavy for fine, limp hair.

Packaging - 
I love the packaging , the shampoo has a great flip-top cap on the top of the bottle , whilst the conditioner  has the flip-top on the underside differentiating the two products even if your eyes were full of soap. They have fabulous footprints that are sturdy in both a shower rack and/or on the shower floor.

I loved these products and was pleasantly surprised by the new hair care offerings of Dove and I am sad to see my products coming to an end. I will however definitely be purchasing these again in the near future.

** I will never understand why companies that manufacture hair care products make the conditioner the same size as the shampoo? I use loads of conditioner (which most people don't) and even I never finish the conditioner #justsaying

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