Since I have started blogging I have had the privileged of meeting many fantastic women and Leana was one of the first.

We were chatting on Twitter long before we met at the first Hey Gorgeous event and I can honestly tell you that despite our rather large age gap we will be life long friends (hmmm... would have to be my life unless I live to be 100yrs ..tee hee)

Here is my Q & A Interview with Leana ...enjoy 
(her humor precedes her)

How would you describe yourself?
Hmmm… I hate to sound like a silly cat lady with tarot cards (there’s only truth to the cat part) but I would say I’m a typical Scorpio. I’m very passionate (borderline obsessive) about whatever it is that grabs my attention for the time being. I’m loyal (sometimes to my own detriment) and I kind of feel like a Vampire Diaries vampire with magnified emotions. But I’m a friend for life and will help you bury a body in the middle of the night – no questions asked. 

How would you describe your blog?
Sometimes I feel bad for my poor readers… talk about whiplash! But I believe that Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger is pretty much a true reflection of myself. I think there’s a little bit of everything which covers most of the things I love. I would say it’s the perfect read for a woman who likes to dabble in a little bit of everything and who wants to feel better about themselves.

We know you have a crazy sense of humor online but are you the same in person?
Whaahahaha! OK, you know what they say? “Dance like nobody’s watching”. Well, I feel like blogging is pretty much the same. I blog like nobody’s watching. I am comfortable while blogging and when I’m comfortable around other people, the “Online Leana” makes her appearance. I noticed it with Jenifer Moss too. She is so funny online and when I met her she was a lot like me when meeting new people. But when we got to chatting I could see the funny girl coming out slowly. In fact… all the bloggers I’ve met were exactly the same as their blogs. I love it! 

What motivated you to start blogging?
I’ve always wanted to blog, but was so scared that nobody would ever read my dinky little bloggie. But what got me into it was really just to promote the Hey Gorgeous products (before they had their website) then when they got their site up and running I decided to use the blog for myself. I have to say, I didn’t expect the response I got. 

What would you consider your greatest blogging success to date?
Well, it wasn’t published but I scored an interview with Rob Forbes from 5fm. He was so cool about it too. My greatest success though, is the amazing friendships I’ve made with like minded women. I have managed to get out of my box that I’ve been placed in and realized that friends aren’t all the same age and from the same back grounds or ethnic groups. I had such a great time at the Cape Town Bloggers Meet. It showed me that I’m capable of making friends on my own… and that I’m actually not such a loser… hiehiehie 

What would you consider your greatest blogging blooper to date?
I went on a ranting spree once… no cussing of course, but I was just so hurt by someone close to me that I thought “I just need to get all these emotions out” or as Ginger calls it “virtually kick a cyber puppy”. As soon as I got my first comments (which were words of support) I realized that my feelings are out there in cyber space for everyone to read. If the person I was ranting about knew about my blog she would have read about my feelings instead of me telling her how I feel. I took the post off immediately. Your blog is your brand. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re an emotional loose cannon, so express yourself, but always remember, people are watching. 

What inspires you?
There are so many things that inspire me, but if I have to box it all neatly into one category I would say, “Anything out of the ordinary”. This includes everything or anyone from the friendly lady blogger who creates and manages 4 blogs (nudge nudge wink wink), the 'ou tannie' who collects money for the less fortunate even though she’s wearing worn out shoes, the young single mother who picks herself up every day despite her many hardships and still wears a smile on her face to the quirky cups and saucers dangling from the ceiling of a rouge lounge. I’ve mentioned once before that I’d even write about my mom’s parrot if it inspires me  (Well, then that parrot’s gotta do somethin’ real amazing)

What advice would you give to other bloggers out there?
I’m hardly the authority on blogging, but if I could give one piece of advice…. Read other blogs – as many as possible. Learn from them and try to find a theme. Also try to read books. Reading edifies the mind (OK I stole this line from Klaus from The Originals but it is very true). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cringed at the grammatical errors in blog posts (some of my own too) and I felt completely put off. But then again, I’m a little bit of a word-snob. 

Please share with us a short list of your ‘LUST HAVES’

A short list?
What’s “short list” mean? There ain’t no such thing when it comes to lusts! Here they are in no particular order:

  • World domination – so that I can enforce world peace as MANDATORY
  • Mind reading capabilities – so that I can figure out what my cat thinks about
  • Infinite Wonderland tokens – self-explanatory
  • A Spongebob Squarepants bed – why not?
  • A time machine – who doesn’t?
  • A telescope – coz I wanna look at the stars in 3D
So there you have it , a little of Leana in a whole lot of words , I love her too bits and I know you will too , I just want to thank Leana for taking the time to do the Q & A Interview and for her fun and inspiring writing.

x x x H