I never in a million years thought that I would ever be discussing the anatomy of a mascara wand ... and here I am...

We have been bombarded in recent years with a variety of new mascaras, along with these has come a whole new generation of Mascara wands.Does the shape and size of the Mascara wand really make a difference? How will I know which one to choose you may ask?

I personally believe that it is a combination of the applicator or wand, as well as the product formulation that makes the difference. The mascara's performance is also very much dependent on what your expectations are, versus the product you have chosen.

Before going out to shop for a mascara it is imperative that you decide the following:
- Do you want thick fuller lashes?
- Do you want more defined lashes with less clumping?
- Do you want longer looking lashes?

Here are some of the more common shapes of mascara wands available , I am going to categorize them mainly by shape and discuss both the pro's and con's of their individual anatomies.

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Above are the straight , combed and spike style applicators ....

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Whilst these are the more common and traditional straight and curved brush wands....

In this genre you either get the twisted wire variety or the alternative moulded plastic/rubber wand (far left).

Twisted Wire - this brush tends to give greater volume and facilitates a better deposit of the product onto the lashes , thus making it ideal for those who enjoy a fuller lash look.
Moulded Rubber/Plastic - These wands tend to be great for lash separation and thus for women who are looking for definition as opposed to fullness.
** These are still my personal 'age old' favorites and work the best for me.

These are traditionally used to curl lashes and to sweep them upwards however too much curve in a brush can spell disaster and result in more mascara on the eyelid than anywhere else.
** For my very straight eyelashes these wands spell disaster or rather 'hit & miss' would be more appropriate 

These are used for definition and for areas requiring more precise control and definition ie. on the inner corners of the eyes whilst looking for thicker and fuller lashes on the outer eyelashes.
** Personally I have not yet tried one of these.

These are for thick and dense lashes , they aid/assist in defining and separating lashes whilst giving an even and natural coverage.
**Personally my eyelashes are too fine for these combs and I might as well not bother.

These odd shaped and medieval looking shaped wands are new to South Africa (Avon's Mega Effects Mascara) and take some getting used to. The aim of these applicators is to be able to separate and individually coat each of the lashes for a more customized application.
** Personally I look like a Picasso by the time I am finished with this wand.

As a general rule thicker brushes tend to give more volume whilst the more shaped and tapered wands tend to add more length and define the lashes.

So there you have it in a nutshell , my current personal favourite mascara is REVLON'S Photoready 3D Volume Mascara , it gives me the volume and length I am looking for , it has a thick and chunky applicator wand and does not clump my eyelashes. It has been a longtime since last I enjoyed a mascara so much.

Usually I find that I have to wait until the mascara is almost finished before I see the best application and coverage, not so in the case of REVLON'S Photoready 3D Volume Mascara.

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