Last weekend we had the first ever Cape Town Bloggers Meet at Shelley's Cafe on Kloof Street and oh my what a treat it turned out to be.

Organised by the lovely Lauren of Lipglossed Ninja, this event was a feast for the senses. From the whimsical decor, which was not quite 'Christmassey', verging on 'kitsch' yet it all just somehow pulled together in a spectacular array of colour , form and pattern. Here is a small (and I mean small) insight into the decor at Shelley's...

After making our way into the 2 rooms allocated to our event , I began to search for my name and a place to put my bag and bum down.

It took much searching to navigate all the ladies whom were all buzzing with excitement until I finally located my seat (next to a window , thank you Lord! It was 30 something degrees outside).

Here are the lovely ladies with whom I shared my table ....
Featuring :
Left -  Fi of Perfect Pout and Tasneem of Blog Republic
Top - Fiona Rossiter of Inspired Living , Cupcake Mummy , Lisa -Jade of Voodoo Child Law
Bottom - Charlene of Pretty Please Charlie and Nicola of Wots for Lunch

I had so much fun with these ladies and many of them I know will become life long friends.
There were fabulous massages to be had whilst you sat in your seat, offered by RAIN (as you all know one of my favourites) and a fabulous stand where you could go and experience one of their fabulous scrubs ...wafts of pure indulgence.

Tomy Takkies were in position.... waiting at the fireplace to be adopted and marked for life. Cupcake Mummy left us all in awe with her amazing drawing abilities.

And so the festivities began with Fiona of Inspired Living sharing some hard earned advice on blogging with the ladies , followed by a fabulous lucky draw which saw almost every single lady walking away with a prize ...Me? I won the 500 Thread Count Silver Grey Pina Cotton Duvet Cover from Loads of Living ...whohooo!! Valued at a whopping R1599.00 (not bad eh) should've seen the happy dance (did I mention my bedroom is grey?)

Some of the sponsors then shared advice on their products and how to use them , featured here are as follows ..
Left - Ronel of Rain Africa
Top - Idalette of Optiphi
Bottom - Dirna of IVO Health & Dental

We ended this fabulous afternoon of pampering , chatting and socializing with a rather noteworthy Cake Buffet including my personal favourite Red Velvet Cup Cakes.

I would just like to take a moment to thank Lauren for an awesome event and for taking the time and effort to make this event the huge success that it was, and I look forward to the next one.

I would also like to thank all the sponsors:
Tomy Takkies , Essence , Catrice , Revlon , Yardley , Penguin Books , Oh so Heavenly , Xen Tan , Carribean Tan , Forever Love Jewellery , Romeo Foxtrot Jewellery , Wakaberry , Rain , Optiphi , Cinderella's Secret , Juice Beauty , Loads of Living , Storyderm , 24Pinx , Burst make-up brushes  and anyone I may missed.

You made us feel like spoilt Princesses ... Thank You!