By now we are well into the New Year , work has started again and the festive season is all but forgotten as we return to the hum drum of daily life.

One thing however still remains very much imprinted on my mind , as it has for the last 4 years ... the grateful and thankful faces of the kids of  Zusakhe and the Soup/Sandwich Kitchen of  Site5 Du Noon (Cape Town). For these kids it is no so much about what they are getting but rather the fact that they are actually getting something ... for us it is less about the giving but more about the love and sharing the gospel.

These kids are so precious, and by the time the soup/sandwich kitchen starts up again my heart is yearning for their loving little arms , cute smiles and hungry tummies.

I thought that I would share some of my favourite images from this years Christmas party ....

 Each child receives a packet with a juice , chips , sweets and a toy.

More than 1000 hotdogs are made and served by the volunteers on the morning of the party.


**You can see how close in proximity these shacks are to the main road that passes through Du Noon.

The gorgeous kids warm your heart , fill your arms, they crave love and attention, which is often scarce due to their parents working long hours.

They are our future......

To donate or for more info contact Leigh & Donovan Spence - CLICK HERE

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