In this crazy world of an ever increasing shopping list of skin care the question I hear most often from women is 'What's the difference between a hydrating cream and a nourishing cream?'

And actually ladies they are worlds apart....

Hydrating creams are formulated with the balance of raw ingredients leaning more towards water and water soluble ingredients, in other words an oil in water emulsion. This means that these creams are well suited to skins that are combination and/or suffering a superficial dehydration.

Nourishing creams on the other hand are formulated with the balance of raw ingredients leaning towards oil and oil soluble ingredients making this a water in oil emulsion. These creams are more suited to skins that are dry , flaky , greyish in appearance as well as the more mature skin.

The choice of moisturizer needs to be determined according to your skins personal requirements , such as age, exposure to the elements, desired effect ,skin type , texture preference etc.

It is highly recommended that you take time out , spoil yourself and go for a fabulous facial to get a proper recommendation and skin analysis, some salons , spa's and cosmetic counters offer this service free of charge and will sample you on the correct products to use.

Good examples are: Clarins , Kiehl's and Clinique.