In social circles it is important to have fresh breath  as well as an appealing smile, and this can prove difficult when socializing usually involves food and drink. So what exactly causes bad breath also know as Halitosis…

I bet if I had to ask you to list ‘who you know that has bad breath?’ you would be able to rattle off the names in mere seconds. Yep we all have those ….eeeek you have bad breathe moments, where you cringe, smile and walk away…rapidly.

All of the food you consume starts to break down from the moment it makes contact with your mouth. Whilst food is digested and decomposed into elements that can be absorbed into the bloodstream the smell or odor does not evaporate. The odor molecules rather accompany the other nutritional components being absorbed into the bloodstream and then lungs, to be given off in the vapor which we call the breath.

 What to avoid
-          Foods with strong odors such as Garlic , Onions and Curry
-          Coffee and Alcohol ( these tend to sour the breath)
-          Smoking 

 Medical Causes of bad breath
-          Persistent bad breath is often a clear indicator of gum disease also known as (periodontal disease).
-          Poorly Fitting dentures , which can cause yeast infections and trap food which in turn decays and gives off  an odor.
-          Dry Mouth condition (Xerostomia). A lack of acidic saliva results in food decomposing on the tongue and giving off a bad odor.
-         Medication and chronic illness can also result in the about Dry Mouth condition.
-          Breathing through the mouth.

Often people look to relieve the symptoms of bad breath with products such as breath mints, chewing gum and mouthwash and whilst these may offer temporary solutions they are by no means a cure. The odor will not dissipate until the food causing the problem has completely passed through your system.
There are many other medical conditions that are far more serious that may result in bad breath and should you not be able to relieve your bad breath please consult a doctor.
There are local products that can assist in relieving the bad breath, these are medicated, professional formula’s, and are developed by a dentist (by Dr Harold Katz) such as TheraBreath. Available online http://www.THERABREATH.CO.ZA