Firstly I want to say thank you to @Jane10net for nominating me for this tag and secondly sorry it took me so long :(  ..... and then last but not least I think you must've been hitting the Eggnog pretty hard Jane (hic) ...tee hee , there are two number 4.'s in your questions or maybe it's the Grinch ...he he he

 Here goes ...

1. What is your earliest Christmas memory? 
This would be sitting waiting anxiously on Christmas Eve with all my cousins for the clock to strike Midnight so that we could open 1 present ....crazy but true.

2.What one toy/ gift can you remember through out all your Christmases?
Aaaah that would be my Cabbage Patch Doll , she had long hair , huge dimples and gorgeous green eyes ... man i loved that doll.

3. What do you/ your family usually do to celebrate Christmas? 
Well we always used to have Christmas eve with the extended family and Christmas day with our close family , that has changed with age , new families and in laws. Now we do Christmas day with close family and Boxing Day (26th December) with the extended families, usually a cold lunch of left overs from the day before. Why because it get's friggin HOT here and all I want is snow ...sigh!

4. How many days before Christmas does your decorating start? 
Uhm whenever the mood strikes , I am single/divorced , live alone and don't have kids. So surprisingly sometimes I don't even bother ... I know I know 'BAHUMBUG!' you say. I'll try be better I promise :)

5. What is on your favorite Christmas menu?  
Gammon , Gammon and a little Lamb. I love Yorkshire Puds and am determined I am going to make some this year. I love Prawn cocktail starters and any yummy pudding , just NOT trifle (I know I'm sad , can't stand soggy cake and jelly ...ughhh!

6. Have you ever had a white Christmas? 
Nope I wish I had (might not have come back) all I really want is a huge fire to warm up next to for Christmas. I am one of those weird people that would happily live in Alaska or Canada.

7. What traditions will you continue on with your family (or future family)? 
All of them from waiting up on Christmas eve , to going to church on Christmas morning. My mom's favourite has always been Kenny Rogers and Boney M's Christmas albums gently chanting through the house.Who knows maybe I'll start a few of my own.

8.Can you name Santa’s reindeer’s names? (without googling??) 
Dasher , Dancer , Prancer and Rudolph ... and that's about it! ooops :)

9.It’s 5am on Christmas morning where can you be found? 
In bed snoozing ...I have never been one of those who sneaks under the tree, I sleep to well ..tee hee

10. Did you ever sneak a peak at your Christmas pressies when you were younger or now? 
Nope I have always been a goodie two shoes *halo twinkles* ... sickening I know :)

11.What would you love to get this year for Christmas? 
Sheesh so much and so little time ....Seriously a new car (desperately , I literally get to work on a wing and a prayer everyday) and/or an Ipad would be top on my list.... but has a slim probability of realizing soon (unless God's up to something). Otherwise... I so don't mind, for me it's the thought that counts and hand crafted is just as awesome.

12.What does Christmas mean to you? 
Being a Christian Christmas means the world to me. It’s about my Lord and Savior first and foremost, and well the rest is just a super bonus. It's about giving , blessing , loving , sharing and most importantly forgiving those around us.

So that's my Christmas in a nutshell .... but wait here are the true heroes and highlights of my Christmas ...

These kids are a large part of my life ,and they are what Christmas is all about. 

I would like to nominate ...

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