I am a Christian and I really celebrate my faith, the wonderful spiritual friends and family that I have gained through my personal journey with God. I have had ups and I have downs, yet my faith is what keeps me strong and going. So why do I share this personal info with you today?

Well part of my journey has been divorce and the fact that I don't have children as yet ... I have always wanted nothing more than a family, so... I could either get depressed and sit around moping at how my life has panned out, or I can embrace the children who need the love , time , attention and care that I can offer at this place in my life. Lucky for me I get to have both a fabulous Soup Kitchen run by my spiritual family ..sisters and brothers who love on our local disadvantaged community, with the core focus being the kids ....the future of tomorrow.

For me giving has become a lifestyle, one that I embrace whole heartedly. We have Soup/Sandwich Kitchen every second weekend, with yummy sandwiches and ice lollies in summer and hearty soup and bread in winter.
I can honestly tell you that these kids fill up my love tank, every second weekend I get far more than I could ever give. Is it hard giving up the time? ...yes, at times it is. But it is such a small sacrifice in the greater scheme of things, and when it becomes a lifestyle there is occasional flexibility required... but overall life manages to exist around this schedule and progress as usual.

Here are a few of my love tank 'filler uppers' and some of  my Soup/Sandwich Kitchen heroes too....

 The kids love posing for photo's
 Yolande is a young mother still in school, she has to cope with her school work and bringing up her baby.

hmmmmm winter time is yummy soup and bread...

This is SNOOPY the resident Soup/Sandwich kitchen ..township dog and of course yours truly 
(eish not a nice pic but there you have it)

Some harsh facts about what we see at soup/sandwich kitchen.
** Drinking/Alcohol is a huge problem with many people spending more than a 1/3 of their salary on alcohol and consequently the weekend in a drunken daze
** TB is still killing people despite being curable
** Kids are still being beaten and abused daily

Some awesome fact about what we see at soup/sandwich kitchen.
** Kids will be kids no matter what the circumstances and all they ask is for some love and attention
** There is an amazing sense of community amongst the township women
** Township folk are so very grateful for the little they have


For more info and/or to donate funds/toys/clothes
please contact Wayne or Gen on dunoonsite5sk@gmail.com

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