As with fashion and make-up trends so too do hairstyles come and go , last season was the dip dye, long tresses which were silky smooth and sleek.

This season sees the hair going shorter with fun and funky pixie like cuts and the latest sharp, textured and graduated bob.

The second trend that has been very evident is the resurgence of the bun and braids or plaits as we know them here in South Africa , above you can see the smooth and structured bun and also the loose bun or knot which is far more casual and romantic in look and style.

Thirdly a hairstyle that is very much still trending is the dip dyed look , however this time it has taken a more natural turn and gone for the warmer browns and honeys ... and it come with a brand new label too it is now called the 'Ombre`' and above you can see both Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore rocking this look with the latest make up trends too.